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JSC IT-Partner awarded with Top InnovationIQ

JSC has been profitably growing year to year with 20%, serving Swedish clients with innovative IT solutions, which also placed them on the top list

Hacking your DNA: Antibodies, Part 6 of 6

When you ask someone what business they are in, they nearly always answer with a list of products and services. Try it out.

PayPal, Facebook, Shell Oil and Nokia: Antibodies, Part 5 of 6

Here is the success story of a company that had to go through many revisions before it discovered its own DNA

Harley-Davidson does not sell MCs: Antibodies, Part 4 of 6.

Harley-Davidson sells to 43-year-old accountants the ability to dress in leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of them.

Lessons from the master of war: Antibodies, Part 3 of 6.

Unlike chess, in a real battle, you have no idea what capabilities the enemy has until you do a great deal of competitive intelligence.

Welcome to the field, General: Antibodies, part 2 of 6.

Innovation and chess can only be mastered with an adaptive, flexible, individualized strategy that combines deep analytics with creativity.

The pain of not knowing: Antibodies, part 1 of 6.

The number one reason why companies fail, cited by 42 percent of the companies that went out of business, was no market need.

Corporate antibodies attack and kill innovation

You will never be able to innovate in a way that conflicts with your unique company DNA, your company won’t allow that to live.

First ISO 56000 Readiness Test Launched

The new ISO 56002 Guidance on Innovation Management is written with the common High-Level Structure (HLS)


Are you safe? Or are you on the edge of irrelevance? Companies disappear all the time without a word.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Building capabilities and applying the right leadership style give top performing manufacturers the edge...

The Key to Your Future Is Hiding in Your Company DNA

The DNA of a company is a summation of what they are really good at, but it's also much more than that.

Four Flashing Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

There are four flashing warning lights that indicate faster, more flexible competitors are about to reshape the competitive landscape

Average company lifespan has shrunk to 10 years – Don’t be average!

Everything is an S-Curve. Even you and even your company. It’s means you’re born, you grow, then you fade.

Fix the Planet’s Results to Be Announced at SAP Next-Gen HQ in NYC

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partner in this endeavor, SAP Next-Gen. Welcome onboard!

Radical Innovation Begins with These 2 Leadership Skills

Featuring a guest post on innovation leadership and transformative thinking by Licensed Practitioner Erin "Pink" Mosley.

Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

For Earth Day 2019, April 22, Innovation360 is launching a global initiative to gather and evaluate ideas to Fix the Planet

How to Awaken Curiosity and Activate Your Inner Anthropologist

Featuring a guest post by Melbourne-based Licensed Practitioner and Green Belt Greg Collier.

Are You Deploying AI Strategically?

Artificial intelligence is on the top of everybody’s agenda, but few companies have a comprehensive strategy in place.

Successful Innovators Apply Multiple Leadership Styles Simultaneously

While much has been written on choosing the most promising innovation project...

HLL Hyreslandslaget AB Best-in-Class Service Innovation Across Europe

When co-founders Borje Toressomand and Sune Törnquist decided to launch their company

Growkomp 2.0: Building Innovation Connectivity Across Regional Business Ecosystems

Successful innovations happen in clusters, with people coming together to break down barriers, share

How to Avoid Innovation Blockers and Activate Amplifiers

There is a sweet spot in the market where your organization, and only your organization, can outperform...

How to Run Ideation Campaigns that Generate Real Value

Idea campaigns are all based on the simple concept that the more people who contribute ideas, the better. It is sometimes also referred to as the democratization of ideation, or crowd-sourcing ideas. Releasing the creative potential in your organization will provide you with a powerful new resource that can take you into the future. But […]

Innovation Is Not Mad Science, It’s Good Science

One of the most common misconceptions about innovators is that they reach their ideas through lightning-strike inspiration

A Structured Cultural Approach Managing Uncertainty

Culture is like a operating system that runs in the background and defines what is possible. When it works, we don’t usually think about it...

Stop the Innovation Theatre

The world is changing faster than ever and it will probably never change this slowly again. This means that organizations around the world need to organize for constant change, for always exploring new opportunities – in parallel with successfully running their current core business.  A common approach to do this is to organize events with the purpose of spurring […]

Pop management consulting is a pop version of itself

In a recent article, CBInsigts writes that the industries that have proven most vulnerable to disruption have been...

A Strong Culture Is Its Own Incentive for Innovation

Over the years I have seen many attempts at incentive programs for innovation. It’s no secret that they fail most of the time...

Bringing better Ideas to market faster with AI

 Too many ideas? Many organizational leaders find this to be just as frustrating as not having enough. The challenge lies in capturing, organizing, and testing ideas to bring new innovations to market fast enough to realise value.  From Creative Chaos to Structured Implementation  The chaotic process of creativity is difficult to predict, yet is often […]

Emily Petersen

Business Controller and Global Compliance Manager

Martin Hultqvist

COO, CFO & Director-Level Consultant

Laura Durán

Head of Administration and IT Manager

Master Ideation with this Checklist

The process of realising innovation rarely happens in a linear manner. Our research has shown that radical innovators (those that create aspire to realise significant change) are far more rigorous and structured in their approach and use of process than those that pursue only incremental innovation (gradual change). Rigorous and Structured Approach With this checklist you can add a little bit of structure to the creative chaos […]

Dr. Soo Beng Khoh

Based in Penang, Malaysia Dr. Khoh has more than 25 years of industrial experience with a wide spectrum of roles in manufacturing, design engineering, IT, 6-Sigma Black-Belt...

Moustafa Khater

Based in Cairo, Egypt A young man, Moustafa invented more effective ways to build and establish schools in poor areas, changing both how they were built and how education...

Kelly Clark

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland Kelly is passionate about innovation and transformation. She is adept at creating great ideas and making them happen (even when people and processes...

Femi-Stevens Oluwafemi

Based in Lagos, Nigeria A senior business transformation expert with broad industry, management and technical expertise in Next Generation Business and Operations........

Innovation by numbers: Lessons to learn from the CIA and Netflix

Back in 2011, we were wondering how to develop the first hypothesis in the large and very complex assignments...

José Moreno

Based in Mexico City, Mexico José Moreno has served for over 30 years in the federal public sector as General Manager and Head of Department of specific expertise areas in the………

Krishnan Naganathan

Based in Chennai, India Krishnan have over 25 years of varied industry experience spanning steel, automotive, FMCG and business consulting. His functional expertise includes operations...

Al-Hasan Al-Shaibani

Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia A result oriented professional with 20+ years of versatile experience in ICT & Business Consultancy across Multi-National Firms including 12 years in Business….

Khaldoun Aboul-Saoud

Based in Dubai, UAE Khaldoun is an experienced, executive, design thinking, User Experience, leadership and change management consultant, who provides consulting...

Laurel Shu Lau

Based in Melbourne, Australia Laurel is a Change Agent that helps Team Leads and innovators recognise the talent of who they are so they can activate dormant stars in their teams...

Growkomp project yields a promising model for regional transformation projects

Average growth of orderbook by 25%, and average renenue growth 12% in GrowKomp

Dr. Taofeeq Ashiru

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana Dr. Taofeeq Ashiru is an innovative leader and strategic problem solver. He is an Innovation360® Licensed Practitioner, NVivo Certified Expert (qualitative analytics)...

Lauro Molina

Based in Mexico City, Mexico Lauro is quick at developing unconventional solutions and bringing a fresh interpretation to the same old thing. Tweaking the game and challenging...

Antoni Farré

Based in Barcelona, Spain Antoni Farré is a T-shaped professional and Senior Executive with broad experience in leading positions on Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales areas.....

Christopher Michael

Based in India and Saudi Arabia Christopher is passionate about the indomitable human spirit that is capable of achieving the unthinkable and strongly believes that “imagination breeds innovation..

How SOS Alarm applied a structured process to their Hackathon

At the award event that concluded the SOS Alarm hackathon, CEO Maria Khorsand announced that the company would move forward with all five concepts presented instead of just the winning team’s concept (which was the original plan). When was the last time you were at a hackathon where top management cared about the ideas presented […]

ISO 56000 Guidelines on Innovation Management: Updates and the Road Ahead

Innovation took a significant step toward becoming a mature at the Tokyo ISO 56000 working meeting

KJ Randhawa

Based in Sydney, Australia KJ Randhawa is an innovation professional with +20 years hands on expertise in new product development from concept to commercialisation

Dana Shaddad

Based in Dubai, UAE Founder of Imtiaz ME specializing in the areas of entrepreneurship development and innovation, Dana’s work is focused extensively on the development of...

Anwaar Al Shimmari

Based in Dubai, UAE Anwaar Al Shimmari 16 years’ experience in the fields of Architecture, urban planning and design, traffic and roads, and infrastructure has put her...

Black Belt – Stockholm

Jan 19, 2019 8:30 am – Jan 21, 2019 3:00 pm Mastering Innovation Management......

Ronald van Oostenbrugge

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands As a business innovation & management consultant and interim manager Ronald defines and executes business innovation strategies. Using the Innovation360....

Basic Accreditation – Dubai

Jan 15, 2018 8:30 am – Jan 18, 2018 3:00 pm Get accredited as an Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner and learn how to use the i360...

Dr. Siti Rohani Md Yusof

Based in Malaysia Well rounded professional with more than 25 years industry experience in the capacity of senior manager and consultant, 10 years as academic and...

Ahmed Kamel

Based in the Emirates Ahmed is a senior telecommunications expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT and Project Management. After several years of...

Dominic Collins

Based in Melbourne, Australia Dom is a consultant, analyst, facilitator and ‘corporate diplomat’ who sees his role as getting the best information to people at the right time, so they...

Amir Atarodian

Based in Naples, Italy mir Atarodian is currently PhD scholar in Management science at University of Naples, Federico II and University of Naples, Parthenope in Naples, Italy. His major professional ...

Gerhard Hansen

Based in Russia Gerhard’s experience and competencies were built during the last 36 years in various businesses in positions ranging from Regional Sales Manager to...

Maurizio Grassi

Based in Italy Maurizio Grassi is an experienced management consultant and serial entrepreneur with more then 20 years of overall experience, among which 13 years of Management

Benjamin Aw

Based in Singapore Benjamin Aw is a People Enabler Consultant and Coach that strives to empower people to reach their maximum potential as an individual in their life. ..

Greg Collier

Based in Melbourne, Australia Greg is an experienced people leader, facilitator, coach and innovation expert. He has a passion for unleashing the potential of people and cascading...

Eva Degerman

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden Eva is senior Executive Leader with experience from multinational company and public sector. She has been part of defining and implementing business strategies

Ephraim Daka

Based in Finland Ephraim has over 14 years of experience in handling several projects in the field Inclusive Innovation, Finance Management, Science, Technology and Innovation....

Gerry Purcell

Based in Toronto, Canada Toronto Hub Co-Founder and Global Partner, ICG Gerry is responsible for ICG’s North American business. He has over 25 years of experience as an operations...

Geok Chwee

Geok Chwee based in Singapore Geok Chwee is the VP of Emerging Businesses for a Singapore Listed Telecommunication company, Starhub Limited overseeing the business development .

Susan L Wright

Based in Washington DC, USA Previously a healthcare senior executive, Susan is currently an innovation consultant that has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge...

Kamel M. Kamel

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Highly accomplished visionary Executive, service-driven EM/ELV Manager and commercial technology evangelist with extensive business and technical

Munir Khawaja

Based in London, UK Graduated in Computer Science, Munir is a Senior Innovational Transformation consultant with over 17 years of experience within the UK and Middle East...

Guresh Ahuja

Based in Sydney, Australia I have over 16 years of diverse experience as a business transformation, Innovation and Human Centered Design Practitioner. My experience spans...

Lars-Göran Fröjd

Based in Stockholm, Sweden Lars-Göran Fröjd has entrepreneurial and strategic skills combined with international sales and marketing operating experience. He is an experienced business facilitator......

Hans Christian Bjørkto

Based in Oslo, Norway Hans Christian is an independent business consultant with 30 years of experience in running businesses and coaching other leaders and employees; having started and run ...

Niclas Claesson

Based in Linköping, Sweden I am an Anthropologist but also a Hurdler (see innovation personas). My core profession is business project manager or a professional leader. I have got the skill to build ...

Sophia W Renemar

Based in Uppsala, Sweden Sophia has an academic background in education and has over 25 years of experience from leadership in among others, public administration. She has combined her.....

Johan Kjörk

Based in Göteborg, Sweden ohan is a Management Consultant at Sigma IT Consulting with more than 20 years of experience as a CEO and Management Consultant. He brings deep expertise in...

Dr. Isaiah Engelbrecht

Based in Pretoria, South Africa Isaiah Engelbrecht is an Innovation Growth expert. He partners with organisations to achieve with sustainable growth through building innovation capability. He believes that

Shervin Chua

Based in Toronto, Canada Shervin is a change agent. Over the last 10 years, he has worked at leading cloud technology software companies consulting organizations on improving their strategy and .....

Fabio Mattos Segre

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil Fabio has a strong academic and technical background, robust strategic and analytical capabilities acquired with more than 15 years of experience

Ömer Levent Gökçe

Based in Ankara, Turkey Ömer Levent Gökçe is an Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultant based in Turkey. After more than 28 years of experience

Paulo Malta

Based in Lisbon, Portugal Paulo Malta is a Senior executive specialized in Sales and Business Development and Marketing Innovations. He has worked for industry leaders such...

Dr. Lana Mbaideen

Based in Amman, Jordan Dr. Lana Mbaideen is a Jordanian Entrepreneur and visionary leader on a mission to Enlighten minds. Over 16 years of experience in Creativity , Innovation...

Thierry Bernicard

Based in Paris, France Thierry has a ‘T-shaped’ profile, with robust strategic and analytical capabilities based on a strong academic and technical background. He graduated...

Philippe Drouillon

Based in Brussels, Belgium Philippe Drouillon is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and trainer, who combines – through his company Metamorphosis – professional activities .........

John Saiz

Based in Houston, TX, the USA John Saiz, former Chief Technology Officer of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, is a Principal Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing ......

Michel Wils

Based in Marseille, France & Brussels, Belgium Michel Wils is a Conscious Business & Innovation Facilitator, trainer and coach. He helps decision makers to transform their business and become conscious...

Erin Mosley

Based in USA (Chicago IL, New Orleans LA, Boston MA) Erin (Pink) Mosley’s proven programs help people (and organizations) get the results they want by honing deep innovation and influence skills. She has worked...

Dr. Alison McMillan

Based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom Previously an R&D specialist at Rolls-Royce, Alison is currently an innovation consultant and engineering professor. Her company, WOT-I Ltd, offers a number...

Dr. Koh Hock Kiat

Dr. Koh Hock Kiat is based in Singapore Dr. Koh Hock Kiat is an Education Business Investor, Advisor and Mentor of few organizations. He serves as the CEO of Heluo Pte Ltd. He is also...

Marc Dellaert

Based in Moscow, Russia and Brussels, European Union Marc Dellaert is a global senior leader, inspirational speaker, author, board advisor and practitioner in Leadership, Innovation and Transformation....

Peter Popovics

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and Budapest, Hungary Peter is a researcher, practitioner and consultant in innovation management strategies and a senior expert in business development and operations management...

Natalie Breitschmid

Based in the United Arab Emirates & Switzerland Natalie is a passionate and creative Experience Design Leader. Paired with her deep Project Management skills and her notable get things done attitude.

Khaled Adas

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE Khaled is a change agent professional offering 27 years of progressive leadership experience with Fortune-100 companies like Intel Corporation and Microsoft...

Ahmed H Daoud

Based in Dubai, UAE & Minneapolis, MN, USA Ahmed is a patented inventor, executive, and innovation strategy and implementation consultant with extensive experience and knowledge in innovation...

Nii Lokko

Based in New York, USA and Accra, Ghana Nii Nortei is a versatile Innovation Strategist who is adept at forging alliances and creating solution frameworks to execute visionary goals. He draws...

Peter Glasheen

Head of Faculty, Director-Level Consultant, Black Belt