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Data-driven solutions to create full insights in any organization, in any size and in any region based on the groundbreaking work of InnoSurvey™.

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Cutting-Edge methodologies packaged into tools such as Ideation360™ and the Innovation Playbook™.

Innovation Consulting

Top consultants in +20 countries at your service. We serve you through our consultants and our world-wide network of accredited innovation experts.

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Measure your Innovation Capability

Do the free version of the innovation Assessment InnoSurvey™ and download a comprehensive 40-page customised innovation report, including tangible recommendations on how to sharpen your Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Capabilities.

All the recommendations you will receive are based on what’s most likely the largest innovation database in the world combined with cutting edge algorithms to assist decision-making and pattern recognition. The questions in the assessment are available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

How innovative are you in comparison with the rest of your industry?

Innovation IQ
Benchmark your industry
Innovation IQ
in your organization

To set an individualize baseline for development, we assessed the innovative capabilities of more than 1,000 companies operating across 62 countries.

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