innovation management system
innovation management system
innovation management system
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Innovation360 support organizations establish an adaptable innovation process and foster a culture of innovation. Our data-driven action plans are based on analytics from thousands of innovative organizations and projects across the globe. In today’s intricately connected global marketplace, with new competitors appearing daily even from other industries, disruption is the status quo. Data trends indicate that around 40% of the companies thriving today will be gone within the next 10 years. In this new world, innovation is a basic survival skill.

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Innovation Analytics

Data-driven solutions to create full insights in any organization, in any size and in any region based on the groundbreaking work of our innovation survey – InnoSurvey®.

Ideation Platform

Innovation management with cutting-Edge innovation methodologies packaged into the ideation platform Ideation360®.

innovation survey

Innovation Strategy Workshop

Explore the culture of innovation strategizing for tomorrow. Book a transformative innovation strategy workshop with your team.

With our toolbox of methods, we support companies to understand about different domains of innovations, helping build a concrete understanding. Contact us now!


Are you an innovation professional working as an independent consultant, a premium firm or in a consulting department (internal consultant) at a large organisation? If so, we offer you the opportunity to share the success of our methodology and tools.

innovation survey

Innovation Circle

This original, interactive format, Innovation Circle, brings together your brightest minds and most talented leaders, customers, experts or associates with insights from the world’s foremost experts in innovation management.

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Measure your Innovation Capability

Do the free version of the Innovation Assessment InnoSurvey® and download a comprehensive 40-page customized Innovation report, including tangible recommendations on how to sharpen your Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Capabilities.

All the recommendations through our innovation management system you will receive are based on what’s most likely the largest Innovation database in the world combined with cutting edge algorithms to assist decision-making and pattern recognition. The questions in the assessment are available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

How innovative are you in comparison with the rest of your industry?

Innovation IQBenchmark your industry
Innovation IQin your organization
To set an individualized baseline for development, we assessed the innovative capabilities of more than 1,000 companies operating across 62 countries.

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