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Welcome to the online home of our Innovation Assessment Tool and Report Generator – The InnoSurvey®.

This is an abridged, automated, free version of the in-depth assessment we typically conduct over a series of weeks as part of our innovation assessment analytics service.

Moreover, it is the only tool that assesses the effectiveness of your innovation strategy. Furthermore, it also provides tactical and operational recommendations. Furthermore, as a leading member of the ISO Working Group for Innovation Management, we can assure you and your stakeholders that all the following definitions and recommendations align with the ISO 56002 guidance documents.

In summary, your Innovation Assessment report includes

  • A 16-lens radar graph indicating your strengths in the value proposition, customer experience, learning, branding, and more
  • Quantitative analysis of where you stand with 66 innovation capabilities
  • A snapshot of your innovation persona profile, including critical gaps
  • Leadership styles with linkages to areas of business development
  • Specific recommendations, including speed to market and product lifecycle
  • Finally, your overall InnovationIQ score, benchmarked against peers and industry leaders

The Content in the Innovation Assessment Report

Furthermore, InnoSurvey® assessment is devised to aid your organizational innovation growth and evaluates how it stacks up against the criterion set for critical dimensions. Equally important, this innovation assessment survey helps you to challenge your assumptions.

Additionally, the InnoSurvey® is available in many large languages besides English. Hence languages like German, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Simplified and Complex Chinese, Russian, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, and Castilian Spanish.


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A Glimpse into the Innovation Assessment InnoSurvey®

We present a unique opportunity: a free InnoSurvey® course and test drive. This test run allows you to appreciate its value. Arguably, InnoSurvey® is the world’s most comprehensive innovation assessment tool. It carries a massive database of answers unparalleled in the industry. Moreover, the free course provides a practical understanding of custom reports. These reports are based on an enormous amount of calculations and draw from a century’s worth of knowledge.

Venturing Further: Three Paths to do you own Innovation Assessment

If InnoSurvey® resonates with you, you have three options to explore.

  1. Get accredited individually or as an organization, and frequently use InnoSurvey®. You’ll be pushing boundaries and benchmarking your organization against the best. More details are available here.
  2. Collaborate with one of our local gold partners. You can find them here.
  3. Engage with us directly. Reach out here.

Understanding InnoSurvey®: FAQs

What is InnoSurvey®?

InnoSurvey® is an advanced tool used to assess a client’s innovation management aspirations and abilities. It’s instrumental for various entities ranging from large funds to Global 100 Companies and driven scale-ups. Only licensed practitioners can access this tool. As a practitioner, you can create a tangible transformation plan for your clients. InnoSurvey® boasts the largest Innovation Management database globally, along with an interactive interface and a report generator. It digitalizes 80% of your work, allowing you to deliver more value with less investment.

What is a 360 Assessment?

A 360 Assessment is the initial step in devising an innovation strategy. It begins with InnoSurvey®. Here, various stakeholders provide input about the company’s performance and alignment. The results produce a footprint diagram of the company’s DNA structure, serving as the roadmap’s foundation.

What is the source of your data?

Our data stems from global assessments conducted in over 105 countries and over 5000 companies. The data is anonymized and tagged to maintain usefulness for analysis and privacy. Our operations comply with GDPR in the EU and follow SOC 2 and ISO 27000 principles.

Are your methods protected by IP?

Yes, our methods are based on our patented framework and copyrighted materials. As an accredited practitioner, you’ll have exclusive rights to use these tools, distinguishing your offerings and validating your methods in the market.

How is the company distribution reflected in your database?

Our database mirrors the global distribution of businesses. Approximately, it includes:

  • 30% North America
  • 20% South America
  • 15% Africa
  • 49% ASIA
  • 58% EU

Companies often operate in multiple markets, resulting in the total surpassing 100%. We anonymize all data and tag it with relevant information such as time, industry, company size, HQ location, and market.

What is the Correlation Analysis and how does it help me?

Correlation Analysis reveals the likelihood that changes in a variable will impact a desired outcome. InnoSurvey® assesses how well a company’s performance aligns with 66 essential innovation capabilities. We compare the company’s scores against sector high performers to identify where capability improvements will have the most significant impact.

What is the Confidence Interval of the InnoSurvey®?

InnoSurvey® offers a 90% confidence interval provided the sample size is 50 or more. Larger samples yield even more precise results.

How do you handle data protection?

We anonymize and tag data for analysis while safeguarding the company’s privacy. We adhere to GDPR in the EU and the principles of SOC 2 and ISO 27000.

How are the survey questions in InnoSurvey validated?

We base the questions in InnoSurvey on innovation management research from the past century. We structure them according to the published Innovation360 Framework. Innovation experts conduct multiple rounds of testing and translations. Peet Van Billion, a world-leading expert and former Global Innovation Director at McKinsey&Co, has reviewed these questions. References to these questions appear in various research projects and papers, such as those by IEEE. Prestigious schools use them, and we validate them through P-Value calculus.

Guidelines and important notes before proceeding with the innovation assessment

We respect your privacy and commit to protecting your company data. Get details below:

  • First, to generate precise, tangible, and valuable advice for every contributor, we need some information. We ask individuals providing the information to log in and register. All benchmarked data is anonymized.
  • Second, in our role as a management consulting firm with many years of experience handling the most sensitive information of world-class organizations, we are committed to ensuring privacy and security policies that meet and exceed GDPR. We encourage you to get the details on how we protect your PII (personally identifying information).
  • Third, One of our core values is full transparency in our Terms of Use

If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, Terms of use, or simply need more information about our Innovation Assessment tool – InnoSurvey®.  Please drop us a note by filling out the Contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.