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innovation assessment

Welcome to the online home of our Innovation Assessment Tool and Report Generator – The InnoSurvey®.

This is an abridged, automated, free version of the in-depth assessment we typically conduct over a series of weeks as part of our full innovation assessment analytics service.

Moreover, it is the only tool that assesses the effectiveness of your innovation strategy. Furthermore, it also provides tactical and operational recommendations. Furthermore, as a leading member of the ISO Working Group for Innovation Management, we can assure you and your stakeholders that all the following definitions and recommendations align with the ISO 56002 guidance documents.

In summary, your report includes:

  • A 16-lens radar graph indicating your strengths in the value proposition, customer experience, learning, branding, and more
  • Quantitative analysis of where you stand with 66 innovation capabilities
  • A snapshot of your innovation persona profile, including critical gaps
  • Leadership styles with linkages to areas of business development
  • Specific recommendations, including speed to market and product lifecycle
  • Finally, your overall InnovationIQ score, benchmarked against peers and industry leaders

Furthermore, InnoSurvey® assessment is devised to aid your organizational innovation growth and evaluates how it stacks up against the criterion set for critical dimensions. Equally important, this innovation assessment survey helps you to challenge your assumptions.

Additionally, the InnoSurvey® is available in many large languages besides English. Hence languages like German, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Simplified and Complex Chinese, Russian, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian and Castilian Spanish.

Click below to register for the assessment and the free online course where you learn to interpret the result.


We respect your privacy and commit to protecting your company data. Get details below:

  • First, to generate precise, tangible, and valuable advice for every contributor, we need some information. We ask individuals providing the information to log in and register. All benchmarked data is anonymized.
  • Second, in our role as a management consulting firm with many years of experience handling the most sensitive information of world-class organizations, we are committed to ensuring privacy and security policies that meet and exceed GDPR. We encourage you to get the details on how we protect your PII (personally identifying information).
  • Third, One of our core values is full transparency in our Terms of Use

If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, Terms of use, or simply need more information about our Innovation Assessment tool – InnoSurvey®.  Please drop us a note by filling out the Contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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