Innovation Sprint

Innovation Sprint

How do I get many good ideas fast and engage my organization and/or customers at the same time?

We have an intricate understanding of the full value chain from one miniscule idea to a commercialized offer.

We know that the problem does not lie within the idea collection, it is about the why, where and how to reach the solution that touch people´s soul.

Our hackathons use the most sophisticated methods in the World to turn small ideas into large viable innovations.


  • Identify one real problem you want to solve
  • Enroll a diverse group of internal and external individuals to engage
  • Create a communication plan on how to drive online engagement
  • Set up a fully customized web landing page
  • Launch an online ideation campaign for collecting ideas
  • Leverage non-linear ideation which identifies patterns from many distinct ideas to form clusters, re-iterate the campaign from the cluster and let big ideas emerge
  • Jointly, leverage and use the big ideas to run one online hackathon to test the ideas


  • In 4 weeks, get 3-5 vetted big ideas that can solve one defined problem

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