The Innovation Toolkit 2

The Innovation Toolkit 2

Insights to help financial services executives stay ahead of the curve

As the leader of your company, you must stay on top of your industry or risk obsolescence. This can be a daunting task. Get ready to solve your biggest challenges and learn how to capitalize on your biggest opportunities.

The Innovation Toolkit 2 covers a myriad of issues from strategy to execution, liquidity through to risk management, customer needs to operational excellence, and many of the considerations in between.  The book is organized into four sections.  

  1. Collaboration, the Key to Innovation – the importance of listening and working together towards an overall growth agenda 
  2. Optimizing Digitization for Strategic Advantage – today’s thinking and insights into tomorrow’s digital foundation for the financial services world 
  3. Laying the Groundwork for Change – setting a plan, getting it done, and capturing hearts and minds 
  4. Innovation from a Business Perspective – insights from key segments of the financial services world on how to be successful 

More than a dozen experienced executives share their insights on the challenges of change. Learn how they’ve generated a tangible impact and how you can apply this information to your own situation.   

 Gerry Purcell has worked with clients all around the world for over 30 years. His experience at both BCG and Kearney, as well as his time in the industry, has exposed him to some of the best minds in the world. His goal is to put into practice all that he’s learned and apply ways to break the complex down into its simplest parts to solve clients’ most vexing problems.

The Finnovate Show Podcast

Join Gerry Purcell and his guests as they discuss innovations that are transforming the financial services industry.

This is not your typical current affairs program that talks about what’s happening in financial services. Seasoned executives share “out-of-the-box” thinking—ideas that you won’t hear in boardrooms or zoom meetings. They offer perspectives about the marketplace, industry culture, and providing customer experience that exceeds expectations.

The Finnovate Show is the place to hear about actions that are quietly changing the way financial services work.

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