ISO 56000 Readiness Test

ISO 56000 Readiness Test

How do I know if my organization’s innovation management capability operates within global innovation standards?

Today, ISO 56000 thru 56004 are guiding standard but will, in time, become global standards for innovation management.  In preparation, we have developed the first ISO 56000 Innovation Management Readiness Test. The test is based on the ISO 56002 Guidance available today with its eight pillars and indicates how well implemented these pillars are in your organization. 

ISO´s 8 Principles of Innovation Management

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Using our InnoSurvey® framework, we can assess your organization—be it private sector, government or non-profit – and identify your readiness for the emerging standard. Our assessment  is summarized using the eight pillars of ISO 56000 and indicates how well implemented they are within your organization.

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A report delineating your current ISO 56000 readiness and recommended measures to take in order to increase your readiness.

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