Why get certified as an innovation consultant?

Why get as a certified innovation consultant? Well, that is a good question.

Here’s why you should get certified as a Certified Innovation Consultant:

Innovation Management is the backbone of transformation, digitalization, and sustainability, and that’s why you should apply for becoming a Certified Innovation Consultant. Innovation management is a science and not serendipity. As a matter of fact, it is a 100-year-old science.  We studied all the peer-reviewed material from this period. With this material built out and published a framework. A framework that also served in the pre-work of setting the ISO 56000 standard for Innovation Management.

Now, you might think, is it possible to standardize? Yes, it is. Concepts, terminology, and way of working are universal and have been for decades. We have instilled all this knowledge into the core of all our programs.

Is it easy to become an Accredited Licenced Practitioner?

No, unfortunately not. First of all, it is a nonlinear learning process. Secondly, you have to deal with non-dividable units like uncertainty and infinity. This makes the agile and design thinking methods a commodity. Dealing with those two units requires learning to deal with unknown problems, what´s not immediately accessible. You can do this by starting to act as an astrologist, a researcher, and an entrepreneur. To help you, we have decoded and documented this. All added into the world’s largest framework and analytic tool suite included in the accreditation program. The tool suite covers online analysis, design, implementation, and execution of innovation management. To summarize, it is online tools to be used across the board, in any kind or organization.

What do I need?

You need a framework, models, data, and online tools to get the job done. These things you need are created by us and they based on scientific principles. Moreover, it is based on enough data to decode the social science revealing why some are better off than others. All of these, uniquely created methods and tools, are now accessible to you. Not just all our valuable clients within our consulting assignments.

How can I engage as a Licenced Practitioner?

You can engage a certified innovation consultant in many ways, therefore, we decided to institutionalize the Innovation 360 Accreditation System on an organizational level. In conclusion, we have three paths to take for an organization. Every part serving a different purpose.

Licensed Practitioner

Start with getting licensed as an individual, regardless of your future path. This way, you get trained and gain access to our online tools, data, libraries, and the certificate IMBA, IMYB, IMGB, IMBB levels. We call this to become an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner. Read more here.

Gold Partner

This is for consultancy companies with a specific number of accredited people and a clear plan for their region; these partners are supported with the world’s largest innovation management library of templates, sales material, marketing material, cases, keynotes, and more. Gold Partners are listed on our home page and get extensive pre-sales support. We now have several Gold Partners, and one of them just signed up 20 companies simultaneously by doing an innovation management assessment with InnoSurvey®.

Educational Partner

Educational institutions can add more value to their offering by extending their curriculum of micro-credentials, electives, and executive education with market-leading innovation management online content and tools. Within the organization, they can instill our world-leading ideation platform into the academic community, across research projects, collaborations with businesses, and the student body. We have several very strong Educational Partners serving communities around the world. Through the Educational Partnership model with Innovation 360 Group, educational institutions can collaborate with Innovation 360 on innovation management programs for partners, sponsors, students, and the business community. Educational Partners gain access to our suite of analytical tools, workshopping apps, ideation platform, and the largest innovation management database in the world.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, one of our newest Educational Partners. COVID-19 has tested their collective ability to muster a timely response to new realities; the college’s “can-do attitude” illustrates their culture of innovation and demonstrates how it can boost the organization’s capacity to pivot in times of crisis.

“We don’t necessarily brag about it – we just get things done. And that’s a very Canadian attitude,” says Dr. Ginger Grant, Humber’s Acting Dean of Applied Research and Innovation. Dr. Grant continues, “My grandfather, who built cabinets, always said, ‘You measure seven times and cut once.’ Innovation 360 enhances our ability to measure before we cut.” Read more here.

Corporate Partner

This final option is the option for larger organizations with internal consultants having a need for internal resources. Due to this, we have created corporate partners.  The Corporate Partner Program is available in all continents. This is a great way to get access to otherwise non-accessible tools, data, and methods. Moreover, it is in complements with the services offered by us, educational partners, and gold partners. Therefore, this program is for organizations that aim at having a larger number of internally certified innovation consultants.


Apply today to become a Certified Innovation Consultant and a Licensed Practitioner in our community