Accelerating your Innovation Process

Accelerating Your Innovation Process

Can I increase my cycle time and reduce my time to market?

Yes, you certainly can!

Most innovation processes can be significantly sped up, in principal by re-allocating or re-fining your system, capabilities, aspiration, and process.  


Our approach is to dissect the wanted outcome of your projects (we use the Horizons model to categorize the projects) and build the right underlying System (governance, culture, aspiration), Ability (leadership, capabilities, competence), and existing process to form integrated practices that are more descriptive and less instructional.

By that, we mean describing what should be achieved within a given stage and less focus on any sequential steps. The goal is to achieve change even when uncertainty is involved. And even the steps needed for the desired outcome need to be subject to changes. In other words, we build change into your organization’s existing DNA.


  • A common language
  • Contextually fitting ability for the aspiration
  • Integrated Fuzzy front end

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