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The UNDO Button Part 4 of 7

In some other universe, infinitesimally close to our own, all of your worst decisions never happened. You didn’t hit send on that sensitive email, or you put your credit card away, or you took an alternate route to work.

Mitigating risk with a balanced innovation portfolio

Interdependency   Assume that you have a number of projects that you want to execute, and you have a number of resources that can be used to execute them (resources such as innovation managers, or programmers). If the resources can be organized so all projects can be optimally executed without any interdependencies (i.e., the execution […]

The UNDO Button Part 3 of 7

Quantum cosmology represents one of those math-heavy niches of obscure research where science and science fiction tend to bump into each other a bit.

How to Speed Up Your New Product Development Process by 30%

A new product development process that works at lightning speed requires new ways of working plus ...

Overcome resistance and capture growth in the Financial Services Industry

As we exit the COVID-19 crisis, the financial services ecosystem has a unique opportunity

The Innovation Narrative: Connecting the dots

In storytelling there are only two stories: The first is a stranger comes to town, and the second is that you go on a journey.

The UNDO Button Part 2 of 7

Just because we don’t know quite what will go wrong doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it. That’s the basic idea of safety engineering: You think hard about what might ...

The UNDO Button Part 1 of 7

Prepare yourself for a voyage into the impossible. I assure you, we will arrive at specific strategies for business growth and profitability, but the road to our destination leads us ...

What’s an Innovation Playbook—and why do I need one? 

Why does anyone need a book, instructions, or support? As Prof, David A. Kolb, a specialist in adult learning, points out...


In this thought experiment, write out which attributes you believe matters most about your product to the people who are buying it.


In this thought experiment, write out which attributes you believe matters most about your product to the people who are buying it.


Empathy is the cornerstone of business anthropology. Can you put yourself entirely in the customer’s mindset?

The Eagle over New York

Eight weeks ago we saw several eagles from our window here in Manhattan, then later that day I noticed that the squirrel in our park was more aggressive than normal

New Way of Working – Key Insights

At the onset of the COVID-19 situation we decided to engage clients, friends, associates, and anyone else that was interested


In this thought experiment, try to imagine every way that customers could use your product in the wrong way...

You are invited to “Navigating the New World Order”

We are facing a historically challenging situation. A situation that, in some respects, bears a resemblance to the Spanish flu (1920).

Now’s the perfect time to plot a course for the future

Just like you need precision to be a world-class athlete, you need a high level of precision and focus to be a world-class innovator.


Going out and observing customers is something you should really try and not just as a thought experiment. I have often advised business leaders...


Invite every team member to describe the most unusual sight or event they witnessed on the way to work that morning.

How much is innovation costing your organization?

Three actions you can take to improve your innovation ROI. Linking innovation investment to value is easier when you know where to look.  


Who are your top competitors? What would it take for you to sit down with them at a table and talk about the future of your industry?


You might ask why on Earth anyone would say, “Don’t listen to your customers!” when customer opinions matter the most.

JSC IT-Partner awarded with Top InnovationIQ

JSC has been profitably growing year to year with 20%, serving Swedish clients with innovative IT solutions, which also placed them on the top list

Hacking your DNA: Antibodies, Part 6 of 6

When you ask someone what business they are in, they nearly always answer with a list of products and services. Try it out.

PayPal, Facebook, Shell Oil and Nokia: Antibodies, Part 5 of 6

Here is the success story of a company that had to go through many revisions before it discovered its own DNA

Harley-Davidson does not sell MCs: Antibodies, Part 4 of 6.

Harley-Davidson sells to 43-year-old accountants the ability to dress in leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of them.

Lessons from the master of war: Antibodies, Part 3 of 6.

Unlike chess, in a real battle, you have no idea what capabilities the enemy has until you do a great deal of competitive intelligence.

Welcome to the field, General: Antibodies, part 2 of 6.

Innovation and chess can only be mastered with an adaptive, flexible, individualized strategy that combines deep analytics with creativity.

The pain of not knowing: Antibodies, part 1 of 6.

The number one reason why companies fail, cited by 42 percent of the companies that went out of business, was no market need.

Corporate antibodies attack and kill innovation

You will never be able to innovate in a way that conflicts with your unique company DNA, your company won’t allow that to live.

Recipe for innovation lab success, valid across the firm?

It turns out many of the findings from studying success with innovation labs are possible to adopt for innovation efforts across your company.

First ISO 56000 Readiness Test Launched

The new ISO 56002 Guidance on Innovation Management is written with the common High-Level Structure (HLS)


Are you safe? Or are you on the edge of irrelevance? Companies disappear all the time without a word.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Building capabilities and applying the right leadership style give top performing manufacturers the edge...

The Key to Your Future Is Hiding in Your Company DNA

The DNA of a company is a summation of what they are really good at, but it's also much more than that.

Four Flashing Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

There are four flashing warning lights that indicate faster, more flexible competitors are about to reshape the competitive landscape

Average company lifespan has shrunk to 10 years – Don’t be average!

Everything is an S-Curve. Even you and even your company. It’s means you’re born, you grow, then you fade.

Fix the Planet’s Results to Be Announced at SAP Next-Gen HQ in NYC

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partner in this endeavor, SAP Next-Gen. Welcome onboard!

Radical Innovation Begins with These 2 Leadership Skills

Featuring a guest post on innovation leadership and transformative thinking by Licensed Practitioner Erin "Pink" Mosley.

Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

For Earth Day 2019, April 22, Innovation360 is launching a global initiative to gather and evaluate ideas to Fix the Planet

How to Awaken Curiosity and Activate Your Inner Anthropologist

Featuring a guest post by Melbourne-based Licensed Practitioner and Green Belt Greg Collier.

Are You Deploying AI Strategically?

Artificial intelligence is on the top of everybody’s agenda, but few companies have a comprehensive strategy in place.

InnovationIQ – The Moneyball Approach to Innovation

I joined Innovation360 because I believe that the company has really found a good solution for how to actually address that question...

Successful Innovators Apply Multiple Leadership Styles Simultaneously

While much has been written on choosing the most promising innovation project...

HLL Hyreslandslaget AB Best-in-Class Service Innovation Across Europe

When co-founders Borje Toressomand and Sune Törnquist decided to launch their company

Growkomp 2.0: Building Innovation Connectivity Across Regional Business Ecosystems

Successful innovations happen in clusters, with people coming together to break down barriers, share

How to Avoid Innovation Blockers and Activate Amplifiers

There is a sweet spot in the market where your organization, and only your organization, can outperform...

How to Run Ideation Campaigns that Generate Real Value

Idea campaigns are all based on the simple concept that the more people who contribute ideas, the better. It is sometimes also referred to as the democratization of ideation, or crowd-sourcing ideas. Releasing the creative potential in your organization will provide you with a powerful new resource that can take you into the future. But […]

Innovation Is Not Mad Science, It’s Good Science

One of the most common misconceptions about innovators is that they reach their ideas through lightning-strike inspiration

A Structured Cultural Approach Managing Uncertainty

Culture is like a operating system that runs in the background and defines what is possible. When it works, we don’t usually think about it...

Stop the Innovation Theatre

The world is changing faster than ever and it will probably never change this slowly again. This means that organizations around the world need to organize for constant change, for always exploring new opportunities – in parallel with successfully running their current core business.  A common approach to do this is to organize events with the purpose of spurring […]

Pop management consulting is a pop version of itself

In a recent article, CBInsigts writes that the industries that have proven most vulnerable to disruption have been...

A Strong Culture Is Its Own Incentive for Innovation

Over the years I have seen many attempts at incentive programs for innovation. It’s no secret that they fail most of the time...

Bringing better Ideas to market faster with AI

 Too many ideas? Many organizational leaders find this to be just as frustrating as not having enough. The challenge lies in capturing, organizing, and testing ideas to bring new innovations to market fast enough to realise value.  From Creative Chaos to Structured Implementation  The chaotic process of creativity is difficult to predict, yet is often […]

Master Ideation with this Checklist

The process of realising innovation rarely happens in a linear manner. Our research has shown that radical innovators (those that create aspire to realise significant change) are far more rigorous and structured in their approach and use of process than those that pursue only incremental innovation (gradual change). Rigorous and Structured Approach With this checklist you can add a little bit of structure to the creative chaos […]

Innovation by numbers: Lessons to learn from the CIA and Netflix

Back in 2011, we were wondering how to develop the first hypothesis in the large and very complex assignments...

Co-creating volume 3

Now we start the work co-creating volume 3 of the Complete Guide to business Innovation...

Growkomp project yields a promising model for regional transformation projects

Average growth of orderbook by 25%, and average renenue growth 12% in GrowKomp

Unlearning Is the New Learning

Take a moment right now to put everything on pause and visualize the person you were a decade ago.

How SOS Alarm applied a structured process to their hackathon

At the award event that concluded the SOS Alarm hackathon, CEO Maria Khorsand announced that the company...

How SOS Alarm applied a structured process to their Hackathon

At the award event that concluded the SOS Alarm hackathon, CEO Maria Khorsand announced that the company would move forward with all five concepts presented instead of just the winning team’s concept (which was the original plan). When was the last time you were at a hackathon where top management cared about the ideas presented […]

IL Master Class: Innovation by the Numbers

In Innovation Leaders recent Master Class, “Innovation by the Numbers,” we explored how...

ISO will celebrate the first baseline of the Innovation Management System Standards ISO/TS 50500 and others in Stockholm, May 2019

Last week, March 12-16, ISO/TC 279 held a plenary meeting hosted by British Standards Institute, BSI, in London. During the full week, all working groups continued their hard work with their respective parts. We were well over 100 participants from 50 countries, a truly impressive and massive global effort to building the innovation capabilities we […]

ISO 56000 Guidelines on Innovation Management: Updates and the Road Ahead

Innovation took a significant step toward becoming a mature at the Tokyo ISO 56000 working meeting

The Constancy of Change and the Path to Continuous Value Creation

Overly simplified models of the world lead inevitably to inadequate conclusions...

Managing Change Despite Uncertainty

Even if you know what your customers want now, how do you know what they will...

Innovation by the numbers, the secret source in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vision 2021 is one of the most ambitious innovation visions on the planet...

Fashion Industry as a circular business model

Young plant growth in lady shoe, recycle concept. “I think the biggest innovations of the 21st...

Client Case: Green Innovation of the Paper Industry

At last year’s GADDEN Conference, one of the top career fairs for business, law...

The EU Sustainability Directive Is Setting a New Global Standard for Business Practices

US innovators and investor are closely watching the drama of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (Regulation 2016/679/EU), covering corporate responsibility for protecting...

Can We End of Poverty in a Decade?

In July of 2017, the UN released its latest update on their progress toward 17 Sustainable Development Goals...

The October Paris-meeting moved the upcoming ISO Standard on Innovation Management Systems one step closer to release!

I recently participated in the ISO/TC 279 meeting in Paris, where the working groups continued to work with their respective parts, moving the standard one step closer to its planned publishing in Q4-2018...

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

Innovations are infinite, even within a finite market. However, not all innovations start with the same chance at a fully productive lifecycle. Innovations that survive are most often those that are supported by...

Innovation 360 Group is on the ground in UAE, and Dubai is leading the charge in the pursuit of innovation

  As a force for change behind most industries and a catalyst for development in the public and private sectors, innovation is undoubtedly one of the keys to economic development and diversification around the world. The UAE, and Dubai especially, has set its sights on achieving the highest levels of innovation. The leadership of the […]

Do you have an Artificial IntellIgence Strategy – or are you JUST pretending TO?

Not long ago one of my clients told me he badly needed “Artificial Intelligence for Dummies...

Recommendation engines force organisations to fundamentally rethink

According to Michael Schrage (HBR August 01), the single most important algorithmic distinction...

Artificial Intelligence & Innovation Management for Business Leaders

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war...

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres

In many assignments, we see that the client has already established an innovation centre, or may be planning to do so...

Release of The Complete Guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5

Today we officially launched the release date of the new book series “The Complete guide to...

Innovation Management Standards ahead!

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, international standards and innovation capabilities have always been strong drivers and catalysts for human and societal development. International standards as

Choosing the right strategy handling uncertainty

Imagine you ask your management team or your employees to figure out, design and launch something that will replace your current business, and give them a deadline and a budget. Then you will immediately realize ...

Decision making in strategic uncertainty

What’s the hardest part of commercialising innovative concepts? Let´s figure it out. First, the...

Reinnovation of the Major Automotive Players Through Eco Systems, Openness and Platform Design

  When industries seek to totally redefine themselves, as many are doing today or are going to do, three of the most important aspects to consider in this innovation-driven change are developing greater linkages, openness and platform thinking – simply because it is impossible to solve many of today’s big problems alone and as a […]

Penker’s reflections on The Drucker Forum 2016

The 8th Drucker Forum was a milestone in many ways. It focused on the core of what will create...

Connecting the Dots in the New White House Report on AI and Innovation

In October, the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the Office of Science...

Four Innovation Paradoxes driving disruption

There are a number of well-documented key drivers for innovation and global...

Augmentation and Client Embedding: The Disruption of the Consultancy Industry

Right on schedule, disruption has come to the world of consulting. While many have seen it coming, only a few consulting firms are prepared to ride this wave of disruption into a new market reality. That preparation depends on new tools...

Magnus Penker on Innovation

Adapt or die. That’s a summation of the evolutionary theory known as the Red Queen Effect. Under certain environmental...

InnovationIQ – Score your Innovation readiness

Innovation IQ InnovationIQ Score 0201502016 Prepare to regularly revitalise your core...

The Global Innovation Index

The Global Innovation Index gathers data from companies and their clients to measure how innovative countries are all over the world....

Business Innovation Using LEGO Models

You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation – Plato What’s the difference between play and innovation? Both are structured, normally voluntary activities that arise from imagination and explore the limits of the possible. Perhaps the only way to tell them apart is that […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Drive the Three Innovation Horizons

  For the moment, forget all the high profiled media stories about the danger of artificial intelligence (AI). These arguments are based on what AI might become, not on what it is doing now. Business leaders like Steve Wozniak have joined iconic scientists like Stephen Hawking in warning that even benevolent AI could rapidly become dangerous simply though inadequate concern for […]

Organizing for Simultaneous Innovation Capability – key findings from +1,000 companies, republished from Drucker Forum 2016

After collecting and studying innovation data from over 1,000 companies in 62 countries, I’m often asked whether Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME) are more innovative and entrepreneurial than larger corporations...

The digital innovation era calls for new board leadership

  – In todays globalized and digitalized world, Innovation capability is emerging as the most crucial success factor for companies that wants to master sustainable growth and profitability! Never before has boards and board members faced a larger challenge than todays need for effective linking between innovation and corporate strategy. In doing so, they must […]

Magnus Penker Appointed as Speaker at The Global Drucker Forum, 2016

We at Innovation 360 Group are very proud to announce that Magnus Penker, CEO and one of the founders of our company, has been appointed as a speaker at the most important forum for global entrepreneurship – The Global Peter Ducker Forum in Vienna. This year’s theme will be “The Entrepreneurial Society” and renowned personalities from the […]

The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries

By studying over 1,000 companies in 62 countries and all continents over the past years, we have not only built the largest 360-database with multiple respondents in each company (external and internal stakeholders...

The world’s best company to work for

  Today Hey Group release their Global Top 20 companies for leadership, top five at the list was: General Electric Procter & Gamble Intel Corporation Siemens Banco Santander Two European firms formerly outside the 2009 top 20 – Siemens and Banco Santander – have jumped straight into the 2010 top 5. BASF is a new […]

Enterprise Innovation – by the Numbers!

  Enterprise Innovation – By the Numbers How to Plan and Manage Innovation in Your Organization Introduction: – You still can’t manage what you can’t measure! Enterprise Innovation as an executable strategy involves all levels of management across the organization. And to execute most effectively, managers need metrics – numbers. But, where do the seemingly evasive numbers […]

The best year in mankind – due to innovation, technology and global leadership!

  We believe in good, we believe things can be fixed, and we believe it need to be done with new methods and leadership than before. You say that there is nothing new under the sun, and that´s is of cause true. But at the same time the possible combination of the accessible resources are […]

Implement an Innovation Management System in 90 days

  Wanting to add strategy and structure to your innovation initiative without killing it with administration? HBR published an interesting article a year ago ( describing an innovation governance system that go hand in hand with our experience at Innovation 360 group. In the article Innosight describes a concept called the Minimum Viable Innovation System (MVIS).  As […]

3D Printing -”To Disrupt or not to Disrupt?, that is the Question”

  President Obama once said: -“3D printing may very well have the potential to revolutionize the way me make almost everything”! Fine, but I don´t believe it will happen the way most of us think it will; as a technical revolution. I think the major disruption from 3D printing will be with socio-economic factors such […]

7 lessons to disrupt like a startup!

  We are in a fascinating fast-moving period, with high speed technology diffusion, low interest on financing, globalisation, digitalization and automatisation. The future of many established companies is now jeopardized and will depend on their ability to get up to speed and innovate in this Creativity Era we are in (and that I described in my last […]

That’s why we think the new edition of Blue Ocean Strategy is important!

  In todays business climate, with high tempo, hyper competition and shorter product lifecycles, a company´s ability to quickly develop and change it´s business model is of outmost importance to be able to remain competitive on the market and as such, be sustainably profitable and successful. But in doing so, it is also very important […]

Why you should care about the Creativity Era

  Being constantly exposed to how we analyze, develop and ultimately help our clients to become and stay successful in the creativity era, where innovation is at the heart, I have decided to put down and share some reflections about how our world is changing, hopefully for the better, and how you and the society can benefit from it. The Creativity Era: […]

Business Prototyping

  Release the creative forces in your organization, by applying rapid business prototyping techniques on your business development. To do that, Innovation360 offer a unique intersectional take on Prototyping for Business by combining methodology and tools from hardware product development, software design, and business development and analysis, thereby creating unique insights for customers. Download our […]

Innovation trends

  Over the last year the key topics within the world of innovations has been impacted by social responsibility and sustainability aspects, which can be seen by analyzing the last 12 months of Google searching using Google Insights for Search.  The top area of interest over the last 12 month has been business innovation open […]

Mapping innovation process aspects

  In a world of hyper competition, innovation is imperative to gain competitive advantage. The process of successfully implementing innovation has to begin in the organisations strategy, culture, people, systems, processes, competitive landscape and its external key drivers. When setting up an innovation initiative and the first process the organisation make decisions on governance, speed […]

Industry 4.0 – disruption or just a logic extension of WWW?

  Industry 4.0 is the name of the German government’s strategy for the fourth industrial revolution. The goal is the creation of smart factories, where all production is connected. The term first surfaced at the Hannover Messe Industrial Fair in 2011, with the theme Industry 4.0. The first three industrial revolutions were, in chronological order, […]

Green Innovation – wash or reality?

  It is a lot of buzz about green innovations and much talk about potential green washing. And we have seen it all before with pink washing and white washing. To understand whether green innovation is washing or not the question to ask is why it exists. To cover up? To gain short term winnings? […]

Current trends in healthcare

  With twenty percent of the population generating eighty percent of healthcare cost, and a growing number of elderly people, public healthcare face an enormous challenge. This happens in times when healthcare focus on volume, and reactive care to acute episodes. Healthcare institutions are fragmented and function as silos, handling retrospective, if any, information. But still we are […]

Omni Channel 2.0 – The innovation of Retail Business Models

  Due to radical and partly unpredicted change in consumer behaviour, the retail and FMCG industry is going through a change that is both potentially highly rewarding yet also potentially punishing. For some it is a blessing and for others it may mean a slow death. Macro key drivers, such as low interest rates (which […]

Artificial Intelligence –Threat or Possibility?

  As last blog post ended, I am going to dig a bit deeper into the incredible speed at which the world is learning right now and how it is learning. For every day, a smaller fraction of the world’s combined intelligence is in the brain of an animal (eg. a human, monkey or a fish), […]

Pay to be deceived?

  On weekdays we stick to digital editions of the morning papers but come weekends we splurge in paper, subscribing to the two largest newspapers in Sweden. Every now and then we try to decide on one of them but my husband wants his Fredrik Strage chronicles in Dagens Nyheter, and I, believe it or not, […]

Lady Gaga takes innovation to avant-garde levels

  How offers become almost impossible to copy WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? By understanding what you are actually selling, you can find your unique abilities and become sustainably competitive. Sitting on the plane home from Monaco and have just, together with some Bearing colleagues, run our innovation management program at Monaco’s business school and the MBA program of Luxury Goods. […]

Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri

  What´s happening now will have a greater impact on us than the innovation of the railway! When I talk about the ongoing globalization I talk about it as a series of waves, and right now, I´d say, we are in the midst of the third globalization wave. This third globalization wave is powered by three […]

Will VR disrupt Reality?

  David Roberts, former Special Agent and Singularity University faculty member, made an interesting example of possible disruption, when comparing the steady, linear improvement of how we experience reality, with the exponential improvements of VR systems, and tools. Reality is improved by better glasses, better prosthesis, and better smartphones helping us improve our daily lives. […]