The Innovation Playbook Codified

The Innovation Playbook is coming

As we prepare to enter 2024, many have some hard decisions to make, often with competing pressures to manage costs and growth. Innovation 360 Group AB was formed with a mandate to focus on innovation and encourage the patterns of behavior that drive growth for the globe’s most successful organizations.  Importantly, it is critical to recognize that there are notable patterns — identified in our research across thousands of organizations across the globe.
Our goal is to help our clients to understand those patterns, rapidly find, evaluate and activate internal and external innovative capabilities and solutions for the challenges affecting them today and encouraging actions to optimize the future.
Innovation is challenging and can be a bit of a mystery to all of us. Sometimes it can feel a bit like wandering in the wilderness. As our team explores the potential value that innovation can bring to our clients, we typically find no shortage of ideas, but an understanding of the best approach to selecting and determining which ideas to develop, and their path to commercialization can be unclear.

The Innovation Playbook for clients

Recently, we have engaged with several clients to help them to solve this issue. With our combined teams and knowledge base, drawing upon experience, along with primary and secondary research, we have developed an Innovation Playbooks for Commercialization that provide each with a comprehensive guide for innovators across their organization. If you’ve ever been on a football or other sports team, watched a television analysis of plays, or played any sports oriented video games, you’ve probably seen examples of the use of a Playbook to help teams to drive themselves toward victory.  Being successful in a football game is a bit like driving a successful innovation system. Executing running and passing plays and driving the ball down the field can lead to scoring and winning the game. Outside of sports, following a Playbook to deliver milestones on a strategic path can help a team win by achieving its organizational goals.
To that end, our  Innovation Playbook has become an essential tool. It is the compass, the language, the inspiration, and the center point of value creation across the board in the ecosystems it is a part of.
It contains insight on structures for decision making, tools for ideation, and linkages to development, partnership, and commercialization. It also lays the foundation for building the right capabilities, culture, leadership, skills, and embedding the fundamental language of innovation, along with metrics to track progress. In short, it provides a roadmap for successful innovation.

The graphic of this post provides a high-level view of a typical Playbook. Take a look and ask me for more about this valuable resource and how it can help you and your organization to succeed.


The continuum and integration of the Innovation Playbook and Ideation360

The upcoming integration of the Innovation Playbook with Ideation360, evolving into Transformation360, represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of innovation management. This integration is not just a mere addition of features but a holistic amalgamation of processes that guide ideas from their nascent stages to full-fledged commercialization. The launch of Transformation360, expected in the second quarter of 2024, is set to be a landmark event in the industry, showcasing a first-of-its-kind tool that intricately weaves ideation into every step of the development process.

Transformation360’s uniqueness lies in its ability to seamlessly blend creative ideation with structured development methodologies. The platform is designed to track and nurture ideas and cluster of ideas (big ideas) through various stages, ensuring that they are not only innovative but also viable and market-ready. This process is significantly enhanced by the incorporation of standard nomenclatures such as Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Stage Gate, which are critical in assessing the maturity and potential of ideas and projects.

A key aspect of Transformation360 is its interactive dashboard, which provides an unprecedented level of oversight and management of the innovation process. From the initial gathering of ideas to their clustering, testing, and vetting, the dashboard offers a dynamic and intuitive interface for tracking the progress of each idea. This feature is particularly crucial in maintaining the momentum of the innovation process, ensuring that ideas are not lost or overlooked as they evolve.

The launch of Transformation360

Prior to the official launch, a beta version of Transformation360 is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2024. This early release will offer users an opportunity to experience the platform’s capabilities and provide valuable feedback, which will be instrumental in refining the final product.

For organizations and individuals keen on staying ahead in the innovation curve, reaching out to Innovation360 for more information and updates on Transformation360 would be a prudent step. As the launch date approaches, staying informed and engaged with the developments of this pioneering tool will be essential for those looking to leverage its capabilities for their innovation strategies.

In summary, the integration of the Innovation Playbook with Ideation360 into Transformation360 marks a significant leap forward in the field of innovation management. It promises a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing ideas from conception to commercial success, making it a tool to watch in the coming years.

For more detailed information and updates, or to inquire about the beta version, you can contact Innovation360 through out website at Innovation360. This will also provide an opportunity to explore their range of services and understand how they can assist in enhancing your organization’s innovation efforts.