JSC IT-Partner awarded with Top InnovationIQ

JSC has been awarded the InnovationIQ of 71, which places them on the top 5 list in Europe. This an achievement that is extraordinary and the fruit of long and intensive work that has been done in partnership with Innovation 360 and the Swedish GrowKomp program.

JSC has been profitably growing year to year with 20%, serving Swedish clients with efficient and innovative IT solutions, which also placed them on the top list of the best companies to work for in Sweden and as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

On the InnovationIQ European top list you also find other high growth companies like HLL, and it is not a coincidence. According to major studies done by PwC Innovators grow 14% more every year compared with spenders also having 13% higher profit. Moreover, the companies that also align their strategy with their capabilities earn 37% more than spenders. JSC is not an exception; with their long double-digit growth and profitability they outperform most of their peers serving their clients in a superior way and creating the best possible environment for the staff. JSC have systematically elevated their InnoavtionIQ from 61 to 71 and also connected their internal capabilities to a clear structure supporting their strategy for continuous growth. A long term persistent agenda, driven by skilled entrepreneurs putting their clients and staff in the first room serving them with their motto “make more time available for our clients to help them innovate and staying on top”

In a comment, Petter Jacobs, Innovation Manager, says: “It’s hard to imagine that we are at the top of the thousands of European companies that have passed this innovation assessment. We have always had a culture that enables quick adjustments and the free exchange of ideas. During the past year, we have also worked to build a structure to support this creative culture. As a result, we have now launched JSC Labs, a workshop-based service where we help clients find new revenue using digitalization and AI. In this way, we can also support our customers in their innovation work and evolve in our role as their trusted advisor.”