Based in Linköping, Sweden


I am an Anthropologist but also a Hurdler (see innovation personas). My core profession is business project manager or a professional leader. I have got the skill to build teams that solves hard challenges with joy. My last 10 years has been in different positions as manager, management consultant, business owner, salesman et cetera. In all of this roles there has always been a need of innovation to excel and find the next level of success. My interest within innovation as a tool to exceed expectations has lead me into the use of gamification techniques and several models and frameworks like Business model canvas, Benefit realisations management, business coaching and now Innosurvey. The Innosurvey tool is a excellent assessment tool to find the business pains and gains related to innovation capabilities and I really believe there are a true win for the business that adapt Innovation as a driver of the business strategy.

Areas of expertise
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Strategy models
  • Performance management
  • Gamification
  • Benefit realisation management
  • Strategy development
  • Linköping University – Microcomputers and Electronics
  • BLEKINGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Business Development and Project Management
  • University West, Law