IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™ – New York City


In the IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™ the Licensed Practitioners get the leading Ideation Platform to resell, knowledge on how to sell and  implement an ideation platform, organizational design and change. Templates and Methods included. 


  • Provide tools, methods and best practices how to implement an Innovation Management System


  • Innovation Governance Models – How to align innovation with strategy
  • Innovation Process – How to translate creativity into value
  • Organizational Design – How to setup for a long-term innovation culture
  • Capability Analyzer – How to map capability and competence to reach desired state
  • Tools and methods – How to use, market and sell ideation360


Organisational Design, Implementation and Change 

  • Organizational Design Principles: Innovation Centres, Satellites, Integrated – Pro and Cons
  • Coaching for Radical Innovation
  • i360 best practice on Innovation Governance, Innovation Process and Innovation Organization
  • How to apply the innovation techniques when innovating in strategic uncertainty
  • Capacities vs Competence: Using the Competence Survey to assess underlying competence gaps

Using, implementing, coaching and linking Ideation360 to innovation management and strategic initiatives

  • Hackathon sessions
  • How to succeed with a campaign
  • Run a complete test loop
  • How to sell Ideation360
  • Business model for reselling
  • Action pack to kick-start your sales


You have to be accredited in InnoSurvey® as an Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner in order to participate in this Belt grading.



Sep 19, 2019


Sep 20, 2019