Now’s the perfect time to plot a course for the future

While there is limited good news in the current COVID-19 crisis and the mobility limitations that it represents, there is an upside – it gives you time to think about your path forward.

Innovation Management is not something that just happens. It requires a roadmap that identifies the path you need to take to improve your profitability.

Innovation360 has traveled the globe studying the world´s best innovators. We know what successful organizations do and with data from more than 5,000 organizations from over 100 countries, we can share that with you. With our on-line assessment tool InnoSurvey®, your team provides input remotely to generate a benchmark of your organization’s capabilities. Then you can use the data to align your strategic plan with your innovation efforts – exactly like the world’s top innovators do.

Just like you need precision to be a world-class athlete, you need a high level of precision and focus to be a world-class innovator.

What does InnoSurvey® do?

InnoSurvey® is an on-line assessment tool that looks at sixty-six different innovation capabilities to assess where you stand vs leading innovators and what you need to do to achieve the best innovation ROI.

  • Identify where to start and where to focus your innovation program
  • Get the right team ‘on the bus’
  • Bring new ventures to market faster
  • Align your strategy with internally and externally focused innovation efforts
  • Measure and get the return you expect on your innovation investment.

How does InnoSurvey® work?

InnoSurvey® draws from a comprehensive body of knowledge providing a clear 360° view. It highlights your strengths and weaknesses relative to the patterns exhibited by global innovation leaders.

  • It generates a 16-lens spider graph indicating your strengths in:
    • Offer Innovation (e.g. products & services)
    • Sales Innovation (e.g. customer experience)
    • Organizational Innovation (e.g. Learning Capabilities)
    • Market Innovation (e.g. brand)
  • Your score is benchmarked by industry, geography, top innovators and a wide variety of other comparisons
  • It defines tangible metrics to track your performance and its improvement

What about ISO standards?

Innovation360 Group has been active in the global development effort for an international standard: ISO56000 and will be fully compliant with the standard once it is issued.

  • InnoSurvey® reflects the ISO56002 guidance and can be utilized to assess readiness for your organization
  • Results map to the eight core ISO principles: Realization of value, Future-focused leaders, Strategic direction, Culture, Exploiting insights, Managing uncertainty, Adaptability and Systems approach

InnoSurvey® and The Wheel of Innovation

To simplify the analysis, the sixty-six capabilities measured in the InnoSurvey® are organized into sixteen aspects on our Wheel of Innovation. The Wheel of Innovation breaks down your results into manageable pieces and identifies what you need to do to emulate the patterns of successful innovators.

Penker (2008-2011)

Market Innovation: The upper left quadrant is where you use external resources in an open, co-creation process to achieve a larger accessible market through building value nets and growing  the total market.

Offer Innovation: The upper right quadrant is where offer innovation takes place.    This is where you have a structured innovation process organized in platforms for products or services lifetime and documentation management.

Sales Innovation: The lower right quadrant is where sales innovation takes place. This is where you create something new and exciting based on customer insights. This drives sales and loyalty, generating recurring revenue and high lifetime value.

Organization Innovation: The lower left quadrant is where organizational innovation takes place. E.g., high tech and pharmaceutical companies put a lot of effort into this area, creating superior structural capital and knowledge processes and a host of suppliers.

We offer three levels of assessment to meet your needs

  • Level One benchmark includes a review of your results with a certified i360 Licensed Practitioner
  • Level Two includes interviews with selected leaders and key stakeholders plus high level recommendations and a readout to management
  • Level Three includes a detailed roadmap plus senior consulting support and a free reassessment

Linking innovation investment to value is easier when organizations know where to look.  While each organization’s profile is unique, we have worked with organizations all over the world to address challenges in market, offer, organization and sales innovation and apply those insights to your situation. Learn from the world’s top innovators.

Contact us to find out how your team can take our virtual InnoSurvey®  to create your organization’s unique profile – your roadmap to profitability.