Assessing your blockers to implement ESG and SOI

The four-session webinar series, “The Green Deal Innovation and Reporting”

Third session: Assessing your blockers to implement ESG and SOI (sustainability-oriented Innovation)


Almost all medium-sized and large organizations worldwide are now obliged to undertake sustainability reporting, at the same time as the auditing firms are ramping up their efforts. But the regulating bodies have been unable to provide any guidelines or functional taxonomy. Previous work has concentrated on reporting and not on how to get the job done.

We all understand the importance of sustainability, but how do we get the job done?

In a four-session webinar series, we explain how to get the job done, and drive green Innovation, and excel in reporting. We will share new models, presented for the first time at the world exhibition 2021 in Dubai, and show how to systematically reduce impact so as to create a positive effect — not just net-zero.

We will guide you from strategy to assessment to analysis and set out the 12 pillars to create a practical game plan.

Price: USD 3,000. Complimentary VIP seats are available for Clients (contact your KAM or claim the seat when registering below)

Details:  March 2, 2022 09:00 AM ET