ISO will celebrate the first baseline of the Innovation Management System Standards ISO/TS 50500 and others in Stockholm, May 2019

Last week, March 12-16, ISO/TC 279 held a plenary meeting hosted by British Standards Institute, BSI, in London. During the full week, all working groups continued their hard work with their respective parts. We were well over 100 participants from 50 countries, a truly impressive and massive global effort to building the innovation capabilities we all need to address man-kinds grand challenges for the future!

As reported in the closing plenary session, all working groups made good progress, but there is still much work to be done before publishing. Next step, and the last physical meeting before publishing, will be another full week in Tokyo, October 15-19.

After that, ISO will do the final editing and administration of all series of standard documents including  ISO/TS 50500, ISO/TS 50501 and others to prepare them for publishing.

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The first publishing was originally planned for Q4-2018, but may spill over to Q1-2019 in order to get everything done (my believe), and will contain the following series of standard documents;

  • ISO/TS 50500 on Fundamentals and Vocabulary
  • ISO/TS 50501 on Innovation Management Systems
  • ISO/TR 50502 on Innovation Management Assessment
  • ISO/TS 50503 on Partnering and Collaboration for Innovation
  • ISO/TS 50504 on Strategic Intelligence Management
  • ISO/TS 50505 on Intellectual Property Management
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You can find more info from the ISO Committee homepage.

Apart from these documents and after a positive ballot outcome, we also initiated a new “work item” for Idea Management. (to become ISO/TS 50506) This work is now being planned and prepared for a first work over in Tokyo, and will then go on for about two years before being published.

Last but not least, being a swede! I am also very proud to present that the decision was made to let the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS, host the next plenary meeting after Tokyo in Stockholm, in May 2019!
Perfect timing to show all participants Stockholm at its best, and I am also convinced SIS will be a perfect host in their new, beautiful and very functional building in Stockholm.

Hopefully this will also be a perfect time to celebrate the first baseline of published ISO-standards on Innovation Management working closely with  ISO/TS 50500 series and others.

See you in Stockholm, May 13-17, 2019!