Innovation360 Group®️ Circle Las Vegas

Innovation360 Group®️ Circle – Las Vegas

Novel Approach to Innovation in Healthcare, Med-Tech & Life Sciences

When: March 21, 2024

Where: Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Downtown



The major challenge for the healthcare and life science industries is continuously introducing innovative solutions with high clinical and market value. Despite continuous progress, business growth remains a struggle in today’s fast-changing environment and with the emergence of non-traditional competitors. But innovation is a skill; every company can master it through a more systematic approach and innovative culture. This event is a unique opportunity for industry leaders and innovation experts to unite under the leadership of Magnus Penker, the world leader and expert in innovation management, and unlock the untapped potential to accelerate growth, improve profitability, and deliver unprecedented value. It will present a unique opportunity for C-levels, decision-makers, and super-entrepreneurs to test-drive the tools and preeminent methodology developed by Innovation 360 Group, today being widely used in hundreds of global companies, unicorns, and top governmental agencies around the globe, including NASA and the US Department of Defense.

Event Objectives

1 – Understand the science and language of innovation

2 – Learn how innovation contributes to sustainable growth and a competitive edge.

3 – Solve the most significant health challenges


Magnus Penker

Kali Arduini

Kasia Hein-Peters, M.D.