Innovation360® Licensed Practitioner

Are you an innovation specialist working as a management consultant, an independent business coach, or an internal consultant at a premium firm or global enterprise?

If so, you now have the opportunity to become licensed to use the world’s first 360° innovation analytics tool, the InnoSurvey®. Compliant with the upcoming Innovation Standard ISO/TC 279 and CEN/TC 389, InnoSurvey® will also expand your consulting portfolio to include Ideation360®, the leading ideation platform, and Sherlock, a proprietary deep learning AI platform dedicated to generating insights based on data mining and pattern recognition within the InnoSurvey® innovation database.

Once you achieve global accreditation with Innovation360, you will be able to assess your clients and measure their capabilities and competencies for innovation capabilities, culture, leadership, and strategy. You will be able to assign a customized InnovationIQ score and then offer them the optimal recommendations to get their organizations moving in the right direction.

Further, You will help your clients foster an innovation culture that promotes great ideas and builds out their core market value through portfolio management, business model innovation, and strategic growth initiatives.

Our accredited Innovation360 Licensed Practitioners deploy their expertise within our structured program, from their initial accreditation as a Licensed Practitioner (IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation) up to the IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™ designation, through a wide range of services:

  • As a segmented report within strategy/analysis assignments with tangible recommendations (on all levels from a team, group to a city or a whole region)
  • In the design and implementation of an innovation system, including Governance, Innovation Metrics, the Innovation Process, and the overall design principles of the organization including how to assess and design innovation labs
  • For the annual tracking of change programs that build an organization’s capacity (capabilities and competencies) for innovation
  • Implementation of the leading Ideation Management Platform, Ideation360®
  • Sales training and unique marketing, such as the Innovation Circle

As an accredited in the Innovation 360 technology stack, you will guide your clients, or internal organization, in continuous improvement and/or radical innovations using a systematic, well-documented, proven, data-driven methodology, templates, and interactive SaaS-based tools.

Among the most valuable components of your new global accreditation status is mastery of the InnoSurvey®, the world’s leading innovation analytics tool, and by far the largest innovation management database. In addition, completing the program ushers you into our global community of Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioners.

Our network of experts includes independent consultants on the cutting edge of disruptive technology, innovation leaders at premium management consultancy firms, and internal consultants at transnational corporations. You will join them in the fight to bring great ideas to life.

7 reasons to earn global Innovation accreditation as Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner

Raw data is not enough. Data analytics turns data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom. Your new role as an Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner in innovation takes you deep into the fields of AI-based analysis methodology and technology and enables you to craft tangible execution and transformation plans. You’ll help set up a culture of innovation that nurtures and fosters creativity. Experience in project execution and data application create tangible sustainable value for your organization and your clients.

No one can do it alone. The 21st century has been defined by greater connectivity – of devices, of ideas, of people. Join a growing network of innovation experts with global accreditation and share both your successes and your thorniest problems with thought leaders on every continent. As the world gets smaller, your potential for achievement expands exponentially.

The core of Innovation360 is to automate everything that can be automated; by applying our technology stack, you can cut out over 80% of your manual work and spend more time with your clients.

Big data is the future. As a professional innovation management accreditation consultant with data analysis credentials, you will establish a reputation on the leading edge of business research. Your advice and recommendations at every stage, from ideation to implementation, will be backed up by data from the planet’s largest, most comprehensive innovation database. You will be able to learn from thousands of iterations of innovation projects and derive far-sighted best practices to guide your clients or your own organization.

The intelligent adoption of automation, robotics, and digital transformation are propelling innovative firms to the top of every vertical. Innovation360’s global accreditation covers the essential background you will need to understand next generation workflows and methodologies. You’ll be able to walk your client’s innovation footprint, productivity enhancements for routine tasks, and practical innovations in use by the new leaders in disruptive tech. You will guide them in thinking differently, from quick wins in process improvements to the restructuring necessary for business model innovation.

Get access to the most up to date and relevant innovation management templates, from strategy to change and operations with clear KPIs.

Become a reseller. As a Licensed Practitioner, deepening on your belt, you can resell (by referring) client solutions for ideation management. Reselling extends your offer and increases your potential revenue streams.

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Licensed Practitioner

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IMBA Basic Accreditation™️

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For larger consulting firms, we offer Enterprise License Programs, including our analytic tool and ideation platforms. White labeling, client data back-up and customization are options. No accreditation required, onsite/remote onboarding included. Minimum volume is 25 users/consultants.


The Complete Guide to Business Innovation (5 Volumes)

Volume 1 – published

How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation

Assessing and Measuring Innovation is part one in a 5-volume series investigating why some innovations have proven to be exponentially influential and identifying which elements matter most in transforming brilliant ideas into practical ones. Based on hard data from thousands of enterprises and penetrating insights from professional innovation consultants, this volume guides business leaders through a critical selfassessment prior to the launch of any innovative project. The InnoSurvey® introduced in this series represents the world’s largest database on business innovation.

Over the past two decades, Innovation360 founder Magnus Penker has counseled countless enterprises on making innovation profitable, executing digitization and the global implications of new business models. He was recognized as “CEO of the Year” in 2016 for his achievements in Innovation and Growth Strategies. While devoting time to helping others, he successfully launched 10 startups and turned around more than 30 businesses throughout the continent of Europe.

Innovation360’s mission is to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: Food, Energy, Water, Security, Global Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space; something we share with all our licensed practitioners as well as strive for internally. The aim is, therefore, to help 1 million+ entrepreneurs, companies, executives and scientists to become world-class innovators through our unique innovation measurement tool and database, InnoSurvey®, as a free-to-all digital online service. This is complemented by an enterprise tool and specialist services provided by our consultants, as well as licensed practitioners all over the globe.

The beauty is that the more we do, the more our licensed practitioners do and the more value we provide while earning profits at the same time. This allows us to invest even more in evidence-based innovation management and help millions of entrepreneurs to make the world a better place as they use sustainable innovation solutions to solve the grand challenges facing humanity.

Reviews on Book #1

Volume 5 – published

Sustainable Growth and Profits: Managing Your Innovation Strategy, Organization, and Initatives

Innovative concepts are like living organisms—they require energy and resources to survive. Innovation can only thrive when it emerges from an organization committed to the growth and sustainability of the enterprise. Instead of thinking of cultivating an innovation in isolation, organizations are more successful when they generate a cluster of innovations, manage them side-by-side, and evaluate how they interact as a portfolio of initiatives. Volume 5, the final volume in this detailed reference series, tackles the changing role of strategy, leadership, transformation, sustainability, and how to manage a balanced portfolio of strategic initiatives.

Innovation360 founder Magnus Penker has counseled countless enterprises on making innovation profitable, executing digitization, and responding to the global implications of new business models. While devoting time to helping others, he successfully launched 10 start-ups and turned around more than 30 businesses throughout Europe. Penker and his colleagues bring their collective wisdom and contemporary examples from well-known corporations to this thought-provoking and game-changing approach to innovation.

“In our degree programme, we aim to give leaders the tools and know-how to innovate and transform their companies & industries. This book is an excellent resource to understand the external influences and internal abilities to do so.”

– Melissa RancourtAcademic Director of Global Executive Master Degree on Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design.

“This book discusses the critical role that people and organization have in making innovation happen. The text is nicely organized, and it aligns well the emerging ISO/CD 50501 standard/guidance for innovation management.”

– John SaizPrincipal Industrial Fellow at the Univ. of Cambridge and former CTO of NASA JSC.

Reviews on Book #5


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