IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™ – New York City


In the IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™ Licensed Practitioners will learn more on strategy, organizational development and especially change. And access to our new strategy tool for analysis:

IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™

Day 1: 8.00-18.00 including lunch and dinner

Day 2: 8.00-14.30 including lunch



1.Develop your strategic skills linking innovation and strategy

2.Mastering advanced innovation analysis

3.Accredited to sell the Innovation Playbook to your clients

4.Learn how to use InnovationIQ



Linking Strategy and Innovation

  • Linking strategic direction and innovation management
  • Discover and build a strategy based on internal strengths (leadership, culture, capabilities, competences)

Innovation Portfolio Management

  • Execution, KIPs, Governance

Advanced Innovation Management

  • Advanced organizational design: innovation centre vs operation best practices, references and cases
  • Creating ecosystems and ecosystem innovation
  • Linking strategic initiatives and innovation: methods, templates and cases
  • Assessing complex organisations: methods, templates and cases
  • ISO and CEN Standard for Innovation Management

Advanced Analysis

  • Removing internal blockers using the XOR filter
  • Multiple correspondence analysis
  • Correlation analysis and Pearson formula – limitations and advantages, how to select secondary data
  • Advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis, compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative
  • Strategy tool for analysis:

Using and selling the Innovation Playbook



Feb 17, 2020


Feb 18, 2020