Fix the Planet’s Results to Be Announced at SAP Next-Gen HQ in NYC

Fix the Planet was launched April 22, and with just weeks left to collect ideas, the momentum is building.

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partner in this endeavor, SAP Next-Gen. Welcome onboard! The SAP Next-Gen innovation community is dedicated to supporting the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which makes them the ideal partner for Innovation360’s Fix the Planet initiative. In mid-June, the leaders of Fix the Planet’s analysis team will present their findings jointly at a press conference in SAP Next-Gen’s new office in Manhattan.

The Hudson Yards development area is a significant setting for this announcement for a number of reasons. Not only is this the largest real-estate development project in the US, representing a more collaborative future, but also features the most ambitious application of Greentech construction techniques. All the buildings meet eco-friendly LEED Platinum certifications and include futuristic technology such as micro-turbines to generate electricity, rainwater collection in the landscaping, and intelligent recycling/waste disposal circulatory systems.

Details are as follows:  The press conference will run from 10 am to noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. The location will be the SAP Next-Gen office on the 48thfloor of 10 Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side.

“We are delighted SAP Next-Gen is partnering with us to spread the word about Fix the Planet’s goals and our latest data research,” said Innovation360 CEO Magnus Penker. “SAP is doing some amazing work for the innovation community and we are excited to discover where this arrangement will lead.”

SAP Next-Gen is the latest to join the Fix the Planet partner team, which includes the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce NYC, Giant Innovation, Dataföreningen i Sverige, Crown Student, the Innovation Global Network, and Backing Minds.

Fix the Planet combines ideas from the general public with opinions from environmental experts on four of the SDGs related to responsible consumption, climate change, ocean conservation, and species preservation. First, we open the campaigns up to open ideation, supported by non-linear thinking and feedback loops that enrich the ideation. We will then engage experts to vet the ideas and use AI to perform advanced cognitive clustering.

After ideas, comments and ratings are collected and clustered, the final phase of Fix the Planet involves transforming idea clusters into testable hypotheses for making the world more livable in the long run. The analysis team will post a downloadable report for policy makers and other organizations searching for answers to the world’s toughest challenges. In addition, Innovation360 will turn over the report to UN leaders prior to the Climate Action Summit at UN headquarters on September 23, 2019.