Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

“I want you to act as if you would in a crisis.
I want you to act as if the house is on fire.
Because it is.”

–Greta Thunberg,
Swedish climate activist and youth leader

What are your plans for raising awareness and taking action on Earth Day, April 22? This year, your ideas can make a real difference.

On March 14, the same day as the One Planet Climate Summit in Nairobi, Cyclone Idai slammed into the South African coast, leaving the port city of Beira shattered, and impacting 2 million lives. It might seem like something happening far away, but the impacts of climate change are all around us if we only open our eyes. Mass unplanned migration, war, food insecurity, and poverty are all linked to climate events, fragile environments, and resource insecurity.

A more sustainable world is also a safer and more equitable world.

Caring for the environment isn’t just an act of kindness or morality, it’s also a supremely rational act. It’s still possible to take control of our collective destiny, but only if we act quickly and decisively. We can choose to protect our beloved home and all the life it provides for, but we can’t wait for our leaders to act.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that we have less than 12 years before global mean temperatures rise more than 1.5 degrees C. That is at the optimistic end of the Paris Accord target, which hopes to limit warming below 2 degrees C.

A world warmer by 2 degrees C is at a much higher risk of triggering catastrophic losses to biodiversity and coastal cities, including New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Amsterdam, Lagos, Mumbai, Dhaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Shanghai. The devastation to dense urban cores and financial hubs will be felt for generations, exacerbating global inequality, forced migration, and political extremism.

What kind of world do we want to live in? There’s still time to decide.

How do we move beyond lofty aspirations to practical plans?

Crowdsourcing has changed nearly everything in the 21st century, from computing to business operations to startup funding to entertainment, redrawing markets and reshaping political life.

Now, let’s see if the power of the crowd can preserve life for future generations.

In honor of Earth Day 2019, April 22, Innovation360 is launching a global initiative to gather and evaluate the very best ideas to Fix the Planet (, using the ideation360 platform to power this collective act of global reimagining. Our campaign ties in with the theme of Earth Day 2019, “Protect Our Species,” which refers to endangered animals, but also to human lives in the big picture. The loss of biodiversity due to the current extinction event that we have created could trigger an environmental collapse in ways that we can’t even imagine.

For 42 days, ending June 3, the Fix the Planet campaign will collect ideas for reducing the effects of climate change. The ideas will be grouped according to four of the UN Sustainability goals:

– Goal 12: Production and consumption: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
– Goal 13: Energy and emissions: Take urgent action to combat climate change, reducing emissions and promote renewable energy.
– Goal 14: Ocean and marine life: Conserve the oceans, seas and marine life for sustainable development.
– Goal 15: Land and species: Halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.

At the end of the campaign, we will bring together a team of leading licensed practitioners and data scientists to go over the results using AI-enhanced tools.

How can you support this global campaign now? We need you to amplify the message. Share details of our campaign with your friends, family, employees, and your wider network. Our goal is to bring at least one million people to our site and collect at least 5,000 ideas. We will need your help to make that happen.

The ideation campaign begins on April 22 and runs thought June 3. Sign up here for news and updates.