First ISO56000 Readiness Test Launched

The new ISO56002 (part of ISO56000) Guidance on Innovation Management is written with the common High-Level Structure (HLS) of ISO Management System Standards. It enables the integration of different ISO management systems such as ISO 9001.

Today, ISO56002 is a guiding standard. The ISO56002 is most likely going to be turned into a so-called requirement standard in four to five years. But instead of waiting for that to happen or not, we decided to launch the first ISO 56000 Readiness Test. The test is based on the ISO56002 guidance standard available today, delivered by Innovation 360 and our licensed practitioners.

ISO56000 also covers several other parts. FirstlyFundamentals and Vocabulary. Secondly, Tools and Methods. Thirdly,  Assessments. Then Intellectual Property Management, Strategic Intelligence Management, and Idea Management. Tools and Assessments have already launched, and the rest will be launched over the coming years.

The Innovation360 Assessment and Innovation Management System are compliant with the work, but also more comprehensive, adding a full 360 perspective. The 360 Perspective means that you are investigating all levels across boards, internally and externally. This is also the weak point of all ISO audits, as they are built on sampling and not true 360.

However, by digitalizing the processes using state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence and big data, it is possible to get a higher resolution. We solve underlying blockers and find good examples to amplify.  Moreover, we identify the capabilities, leadership, and culture needed to be adjusted to deliver on complex tasks such as innovation.

If you like an ISO 56002 readiness score, please contact us at Innovation360 or one of our licensed practitioners in 45 countries.


The ISO56000 Readiness Scoring System

The figure shows an example of an ISO56002 Readiness Score (a part of ISO56000).