Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement by Innovation 360 and Triple Scoop Consulting Inc

The Truth about Employee Engagement


In 2022, The Gallup Organization assessed global employee engagement at 21% and employee engagement in the United States at 35%. This meant that 8 out of 10 employees globally, and 6.5 out of 10 employees in the United States are disengaged from their work. The source of this level of disengagement is not new or complicated—employees felt that were unfairly treated by their direct managers. This has been identified as one of the key driving forces behind “The Great Resignation”. Improving employee engagement has been consistently shown to yield significant benefits for organizations across multiple metrics, including increased customer brand loyalty, low voluntary turnover rates, and increased revenue. Creating high levels of employee engagement has been central to the success of organizations like South West Airlines, Microsoft and Apple.

In this workshop, you will explore three key themes related to increasing employee engagement in your organization:
• Understand why managers need to know their employees and care about them in a meaningful way
• Help managers to explain to employees why their job matters and why what they do is important to others
• Ensure managers give employees a means to measure how they are performing in their job

Implementing these simple and fast strategies will shift employees thinking so that they can start to love their job, and in turn will contribute to the development of a healthy organizational culture.


The Instructor:

Jeremy Staples is a change facilitator who is on a mission to create authentic learning experiences that support individuals and teams to develop the capacity to successfully manage change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.  He has a gift for engaging and motivating others and for bringing learning to life. Jeremy’s passion for developing critical, creative and reflective thinkers has been foundational to the work he has done with individuals and organizations on such topics as mindset, values, innovation, creativity empathy. Jeremy is an IMGB Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner, a member of the Table Group CAPAPro Network, a certified Working Genius licensee and a certified Foursight Innovation trainer.

Details: Onlline, November 30th, at 9am – 10.30 am ET