10th Anniversary ETF Conference: Embracing the Future with AI

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10th Anniversary ETF Conference: Embracing the Future with AI

🌟 10th Anniversary ETF Conference: Embracing the Future with AI – Featuring Gerry Purcell, MD Innovation 360 Group, Canada 🌟

AI has the potential to impact processes and stakeholders throughout the capital markets from investors to businesses, professionals, intermediaries, and marketplaces.  AI is more than just automated algorithms. It’s about harnessing the immense potential of data. AI systems can analyze massive datasets in real time, identify market trends, assess risk factors, and tailor investment strategies to unique financial goals and risk tolerance.  But what will be its impact?  Should advisors embrace this new technology?  What needs to be true to ensure AI is a competitive advantage?

In this session, Gerry will talk about what AI is (and is not), how it is being used today (and some potential use cases for the future), and how AI can ensure business advantage for advisors.

When: November 16, 2023
Where: Online

Keynote Speaker

Gerry Purell
With over 30 years of experience in management consulting, innovation, and strategy, Gerry Purell helps organizations grow and generate more value by “teaching them to fish”. As a Principal and Managing Director of Innovation 360 Group AB in Canada, he is part of a team of experts who apply science, rigor, and structure to innovation challenges and opportunities across industries and sectors.Gerry’s mission is to improve the innovation performance and outcomes of his clients by developing their core capabilities, introducing proven practices, and leveraging cutting-edge research and tools. He is a co-founder and advisor to several professional services firms, a co-active coach, and a published author and speaker on innovation topics. Gerry holds multiple certifications and accreditations in innovation management, smart cities, and internal consulting.  With a global perspective and network, Gerry works with clients and partners all over the world.