The best year in mankind – due to innovation, technology and global leadership!


We believe in good, we believe things can be fixed, and we believe it need to be done with new methods and leadership than before.

You say that there is nothing new under the sun, and that´s is of cause true. But at the same time the possible combination of the accessible resources are infinite and therefore some possible state, as the situation with global warming, hyper population growth and global pollution, require partly new or at least improved ways of thinking and acting. What we refer to as a new way of thinking and acting is the science and best practice of leading innovation and innovate work – not necessary as an individuals rather as a company, region or a whole society.

As a follower of our Innovation360 blog you are probably familiar with our inherited and strong mission to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: Food, Energy, Water, Security, Global Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space. Something we all share with all our licensed practitioners as well as internally with our own consultants and the management team. The aim we have is therefor, in order to execute on the mission, to help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs, companies, executives and scientists all over the world to become world class innovators through providing our unique innovation measurement tool and database, InnoSurvey™, as a free-to-all digital on-line service complimented with an enterprise tool and consultancy services by our consultants as well as through licensed practitioners all over the globe.

We now have 3 exiting news to share with you all:

  1. We have reached our first tollgate that we shall have over 1,000 companies, distributed all over the globe, profiled with 360 data, and as we speak doing over 100 new companies a month.
  2. We have our first ambassador and Licensed Practitioner in Africa, Dr. Nasiru D. Taura, building up a pan-African institute to support innovation and entrepreneurship in line with our common mission to solve the grand challenges of humanity. Together with our Licensed practitioner in USA, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Brazil and Hong-Kong we are all ready to to make our part helping your company and organisation to be more innovative, more sustainable, more profitable and ultimately together with you and all other wonderful clients making the world a better place for us all.
  3. Last but not least: The world has now got a better place – according to The Atlantic year 2015 was the very best year in humanity and year 2016 can the the next in line due to innovation, technology and global leadership. Read more here.

We all wish you and the rest or the world a fantastic innovative and sustainable new year 2016!