That’s why we think the new edition of Blue Ocean Strategy is important!


In todays business climate, with high tempo, hyper competition and shorter product lifecycles, a company´s ability to quickly develop and change it´s business model is of outmost importance to be able to remain competitive on the market and as such, be sustainably profitable and successful.

But in doing so, it is also very important not to loose direction! In order to be successful, companies must have a clear and councious strategy, and stand steady in its mission/vision, or it risks to loose the grip, and slide into a read ocean, threatening its whole existence in the end.

The methods and tools presented in the Blue Ocean Strategy book offer a strong bridge between strategy and the development of new, innovative business models. It is therefore, as we see it at innovation 360, one of the best formulas for competitive business development in the 21:st century! We therefore apply Blue Ocean tools and thinking daily helping our clients to innovate new blue oceans.

We would actually state that a company practising blue ocean strategy and that at the same time has a strong innovation capability, has a pole position in the race to remain sustainably profitable and successful on its market!

Our own mission, at Innovation 360 Group, is to measure and develop our clients innovation capability, and when we combine our methods and tools with Blue Ocean Strategy it really shoot sparks! We help our clients to innovate new blue oceans with a speed that their competitors just can´t match. As soon as the competitiors start to copying our clients business models, they leapfrog into a new blue ocean, and again, enjoys a temporary monopolistic business model, with high profitability. A business ”sweet spot” occurs, and that is the strongest winning concept we know after many years as opertive managers and management consultants.

The new edition of Blue Ocean Strategy, that recently also came out in several local language editions, makes it even more accessible. We believe it works well both for self study, study groups and as course litterature. And of course as a source of inspiration to all that practices innovation with a clear connection to strategy.

Our appeal to you is: Read it!
Even if you already red the first edition. It is important!