Release of The Complete Guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5


Today we officially launched the release date of the new book series “The Complete guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5” and the first volume “How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation”. The first volume will be on the market Sep 30 2017, and the coming books launched between Q4/2017 and Q2/2018. It is a very comprehensive work based on data from InnoSurvey™ with more than 1,000 investigated companies in 62 countries and in corporation with our consultants and licensed practitioners in +20 countries. If you are interested to contribute please visit the co-creation site for the project here.

Introduction to The Complete guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5

The past can no longer be a predictor. The forces reshaping global culture have become so sweeping and multifaceted that a company’s past successes have lost their statistical weight in projections of what is most likely to happen next.

There have been only a few other historical precedents of times like the one we are in now, and the post-change world looked absolutely nothing like the world before.

The World’s Four Revolutions

We are now living in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fundamentally rewriting the rules of how we live, work and relate to one another. Somewhere in the world right now, there is most probably a working prototype of an innovation that will be as profound as the Internet or self-aware AI.

The World Economic Forum introduced this conceptual framework for global development in 2016, but the evidence has been right in front of us for a great deal longer.

The First Industrial Revolution in the 18th century transformed the world of work from animal-powered labor to mechanical drivers.

The Second in the 19th century brought to bear electricity and previously unimagined economies of scale. The Third in the 20th century transferred over industrial logistical control to computers and automation.

Now, in the 21st century, we are witnessing the convergence of all past advances in power and energy. Mechanical devices, electricity and networked computers are merging with biological systems. Honestly, no one has any idea where that will lead us.

The Path Ahead

In its scale, scope and complexity, our revolution is ushering in a world that is literally incomparable – it is unlike anything we have experienced. Like the world of quantum mechanics, common sense does not apply to uncommon environments. While we cannot know how this will unfold on the macro level, each organization can take control of its own innovation strategy.

In order for an organization to play a consequential role in the sweeping changes swirling all around us and to benefit from them, leaders must follow a praxis that is integrated and comprehensive, involving all external and internal stakeholders.

If there are any omissions or vulnerabilities in the foundations of their business strategy, market forces will simply tear it apart. Successful leaders adhere to a methodology that aligns strategy, leadership styles, internal culture, untapped capabilities and adaptable competencies.

A Comprehensive Innovation Strategy

Solid research indicates that a coordinated innovation strategy has been and will be the key to success in building innovative, sustainable business models that thrive amid the turbulent times ahead. Organizations that aspire to persistent relevancy need a true, reliable and easily measurable 360-degree understanding of what just happened, what is happening at the moment and which potential futures are most likely to occur.

Entrepreneur and international innovation expert Magnus Penker built the Innovation360 Group to offer businesses a pathway for achieving that understanding.

Penker’s journey began with a deceptively simple question, “Why do some innovative firms change the world while others struggle to survive?” In analyzing data from thousands of businesses, Penker concluded that it’s not a matter of luck, although timing matters. It’s not just talent, a well-connected board or intelligent funding choices.

The Value of the InnoSurvey

The answer can seem stultifyingly elusive, but the underlying truth is that each organization contains its own individual seeds of success or failure. Repeatable success depends on leaders nurturing the right combination of elements with exquisite precision.

Penker and his team studied more than 1,000 companies across 62 countries to build the world’s largest innovation database, the InnoSurvey™. This contains a compilation of insights from multiple respondents in each company, both external and internal stakeholders, that arrives at a comprehensive 360-degree analysis of what, why and how innovation projects came to fruition.

Over the years, the team has been able to refine and develop these specialized methods for anatomizing innovation. This approach provides an iterative, evidence-based assessment to serve as the roadmap for future investments.

The Overarching Goal

This goal of this book series is to help more great ideas find practical expression and help more companies survive despite market upheavals.

The five volumes cover:

  • Part I: How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation
  • Part II: The Elements of Innovation
  • Part III: A Complete Innovation System from Ideation to Governance
  • Part IV: Tactical Innovation Techniques in Practice
  • Part V: Sustainable Growth and Profits from Managing Your Innovation Strategy, Organization and Portfolio

While things are changing with blinding speed and large-scale cultural shifts are resetting the market’s priorities in unpredictable ways, there’s no reason to throw up your hands. This book is meant to be a firm grounding that you can return to again and again.

There are many precedents within the InnoSurvey to help you make sense of what’s happening with each innovation you introduce.

What the world has in store for the years ahead is very likely to be radically, shockingly new, but you can prepare yourself and your organization to soar above the whirlwind. As you work your way through this series, you will nail down a repeatable, teachable process to innovate for greater profits and market share no matter how the world changes.