Based in Marseille, France & Brussels, Belgium


Michel Wils is a Conscious Business & Innovation Facilitator, trainer and coach. He helps decision makers to transform their business and become conscious & agile by innovating globally  with a constant focus on human development (empowerment) & collaboration.

His vision is

  • that every organization is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent and that it has to bring an added value to its shareholders & to the society, by being focused on people & collaboration should be an area of well-being, prosperity, development, self-fulfillment for everybody while remaining profitable.
    In other words that it has to deal with the 5 P’s : Presence, Purpose, People, Planet and Prosperity.
  • That they switch from scarcity to abundance, from competition to collaboration, from “command & control” to collaboration & empowerment.
  • that companies should innovate, think & act faster than their competitors while developping a large-scale digital infrastructure.
  • to achieve all this an organization needs to be more agile, as it is the only way to be able to adapt to the increasing complexity of the world. Being agile means being able to adapt, to change, to bounce back rapidly in any circumstances

Michel has 40 years of professional experience in different fields  as  a manager, business consultant, trainer & executive coach. In his previous life he had more than 15 years experience as a Business Development Manager and 10 years as a Sales Management Consultant, Coach and Trainer.

Through the years of experience with small and medium-sized companies , he has witnessed the power of agility and the danger of a less flexible business.

As a Conscious Business & Innovation Facilitator he helps with his team to co-create & co-build transformation processes of organizations in order to become more conscious and gain sustainable development.

Areas of expertise

  • Conscious Business development
  • C level consulting
  • Individual & organizational development
  • Change Management & transformation
  • Leadership development
  • Develop an Innovation Culture & Management
  • Business development
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Executive coaching
  • Stress management
  • Mindset & Behavioural Change


  • Degree in sales & marketing (Cergeco-Ichec)
  • Post Graduate Degree in International sales (Solvay Business School)
  • Certified in NBA (Neurocognitive & Behavioural Approach at the Institute of Neurocognitivism)
  • Certified in Neurosciences & Change Management (Institute of Neurocognitivism)
  • Certified in the “Change Journey” (Holger Naumaier)
  • Executive coaching (Coaching Square)
  • Certified InnoSurvey Practitionner (Innovation360 Group)
  • CBCA – Conscious Business Change Agent