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Innovation is both a complex science and a collaborative art. Sustainable change can only arise from a coalition of visionary thinkers, strategic planners, talented practitioners and fast-acting project managers experienced in execution.

Innovation Accreditation

Now there’s a more intelligent way to assemble your team and align their mission goals. An Innovation Circle can be your most powerful tool in solving the toughest challenges.

This original, interactive format brings together your brightest minds and most talented leaders with insights from the world’s foremost experts in innovation management.

After an incisive lecture defining the parameters of your challenge, participant take a deep dive into a comprehensive, individualized evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses in innovation potential, compared to thousands of other innovators all over the globe. This detailed report lays out tangible recommendations on how your organization can sharpen their innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and capabilities.

You can review up-to-the-minute metrics from your organization’s own InnoSurvey® results, detailing strategies that are unique designed to fit your internal capabilities and market position. Your team will gain consensus on:

  • how to minimize project risks and pinpoint developing opportunities
  • where to allocate resources to achieve a balanced innovation portfolio
  • which ideas you can bring to market faster with greater confidence


An Innovation Circle strengthens your organization’s culture for breakthrough thinking, while indirectly fostering productive team dynamics and mutual trust.

There’s effectively no limit on what you could solve at your next Innovation Circle.

Interesting Facts

  • For its intensity of focus, the Innovation Circle is the preferred format of C-Suites, cross-industry think tanks, non-profit councils and governmental agencies.
  • This makes an ideal addition to company seminars and offsite annual meetings.
  • Innovation Circles have served as a way for professional service firms like law offices to profile themselves more acutely and reach out to clients at the same time.
  • When a keynote address and breakout sessions aren’t customized or targeted enough, an Innovation Circle takes your group to the next level.
  • This can also be the ideal format for ambitious entrepreneurial teams on a mission to disrupt stagnant business models.
  • All participants answer questions via link prior to the meeting to assess their organization’s innovation profile. The results are measured against our InnoSurvey®, the world’s largest innovation database, built with data from 6000+ companies in 62 countries. The InnoSurvey® generates a 40-page PDF personalized report provide to each participant with an individual innovation profile, analysis and recommendations based on our state-of-the art AI platform, Sherlock.
  • Innovation Circles kick off with a brief, inspirational lecture, using figures, artifacts and interactive media. Participants are divided into small workgroups.
  • The lecturer facilitates a focused discussion of InnoSurvey® results. Innovation-related group similarities and significant differences are explored with reflective humor and insight into the implications.
  • Just before wrapping up, the lecturer guides participants through their own personalized set of innovation recommendations. All individuals can choose from the actions that they want to do differently starting tomorrow.
  • Finally, participants are given the chance to network, discuss their toughest challenges and evaluate solutions over a catered dinner.

Watch this video of Innovation360 founder Magnus Penker leading an Innovation Circle at Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Innovation Circles were inspired by the presentation style of the exhilarating statistician (and our dearly missed colleague) Hans Rosling.

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Numbers are boring, people are interesting

The best Hans Rosling talks you’ve ever seen

Most participants leave the Innovation Circle with a strong desire to keep the excitement alive, yet too many organizations allow great ideas to wither and die at the ideation stage. To help your team break away from old habits and think in new directions, we recommend bringing your Innovation Circle results to your strategy group and discussing an InnoSurvey® Assessment for your company as a whole.

Innovation360 can help your organization establish a culture of innovation that nurtures great ideas and sees them through to the successful launch stage. This is the next logical step, and many participants have told us that they found it invaluable for staying one step ahead of turbulent, disruptive markets.

We welcome you to get in touch with us for details on customized Innovation Circle packages and start creating a better future for everyone.

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