Innovation by the numbers, the secret source in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vision 2021 is one of the most ambitious innovation visions on the planet, aiming for sustainability, health, education, renewable energy and a knowledge-based economy. All elements calling for the best of the best within innovation management.

We are honored and proud to hand over the innovation report and InnovationIQ Score to his Excellence Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi for the work of analyzing the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development’s capabilities, culture leadership. Furthermore, for his efforts in outlining necessary and tangible changes that are to be done to fulfill the objectives and strategic initiatives leading to the achievement of the Vision 2021 for the UAE.

His Excellence Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi is a pioneer in the Gulf region and the first to use the leading innovation score InnovationIQ to communicate and set goals for driving the innovation efforts in a systematic way. As a role model for the region, he has already inspired other ministries and the private sector to follow making the Vision 2021 come true.

We thank you for your hospitality and making this possible.

Let’s innovate for a better world, inspired by the leadership of brave people making real change possible.