Elon Musk promotes Open Innovation

In a recent interview at the InvestHK event in Hong Kong, January 26, Elon Musk, founder & CEO of Tesla Corporations, stated that -“Tesla Corporation has now open sourced all its patents to the global marketplace”! They did this in order to stimulate and drive open innovation in the global marketplace for electric vehicles. See the full intreview below (you can here his open source statement at 6:43 in the 47 min long interview).


We at Innovation 360 Group think this is an excellent example of Open Innovation, and how it drives innovation and development in whole industries for a win-win for all stakeholders and actors. Alas, the days of secrecy and locked in patents are over.

When we assess our clients Innovation Capabilities (with InnoSurvey™), we assess among others their percieved strengths regarding openness. And according to our Innovation Database (see the enclosed spider diagram below) the average score for all companies, all over the world and representing all industries, is low on Openness and Customer Experience – interesting in the light of one of the most successful and dynamic innovations on the global scen.

Among other things, this leads us to frequently give our clients strong recommendations for moving towards openness and open innovation practicies! And being “backed up” by power-statements such as this one from Elon Musk/Tesla last week makes us feel very comfortable and relevant in doing so!

Sten Jacobson/Magnus Penker