Innovation Accreditation

Are you an innovation professional working as an independent consultant, a premium firm or in a consulting department (internal consultant) at a large organisation? If so, we offer you the opportunity to share the success of what is most likely the first 360° innovation analytic tool, InnoSurvey™ (compliant with the upcoming Innovation Standard ISO/TC 279 and CEN/TC 389). With an accreditation in InnoSurvey™, you will be able to assess  and measure capabilities and competencies for innovation, culture, leadership and strategy. This could be carried out as part of a strategy/analysis assignment, as a part of designing innovation processes and organisations, or as an annual tracking of change programmes for building innovation capacity. You will, then, be able to direct your clients’ organisations towards constant success in a scientific and efficient way.

With an accreditation in InnoSurvey™, you will also become part of our global community of Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioners. They are all independent consultants, employed by premium management consultancy firms and internal consultants in large organisations.

Four reasons to be accredited in the use of InnoSurvey™

You will get access to the largest and most comprehensive innovation database in the world, enabling you to provide your clients (or your own organisation) with unique and powerful insights.

The system will provide you with appropriate workflow and methodologies, including automatically generated reports, cutting the time needed for the task, so you can do more with less effort.

You will have access to a unique AI-based analysis methodology and technology for crafting tangible execution and transformation plans, which will create tangible sustainable value for your clients (or you own organisation).

You will join a worldwide network of innovation management thought leaders. You will be able to share insights, ideas and assignments with other practitioners.

Assessments using InnoSurvey™ can be done at five levels –from the team level to the whole society (read this blog post for an example).



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Level 1: For a teamInnovation Accreditation

To measure, assess, analyse and train a team to run successful innovation projects, portfolios and programmes. Typically, this involves a combination of ideation workshops, training and coaching based on InnoSurveyTM with annual re-assessments.

Level 2: For a organisation/subsidiary/business unit

To measure, assess, analyse and take action on the innovation capabilities needed to get out of the red ocean and/or stay in the blue ocean. This usually involves a combination of analysis, training and coaching based on InnoSurveyTM with annual re-assessments. In many cases, this is combined with strategy work and business-model innovation.

Level 3: For a group

This is where you are, at the C-level, and want to understand the capability for innovation, not only for the group level but also for different parts of the organisation. The purpose might be to assess and then strengthen the innovation capability. This can also help to identify specific parts of the group where you want to start experimenting with innovation due to higher maturity and urgency. This normally results in setting up an innovation board, an innovation task force and/or supporting specific divisions, countries, business units, etc.

Level 4: For a region

Collect, identify, and analyse similarities and differences in innovation for companies and how they use their innovation capabilities in the region.  For instance, the purpose can be to develop regional support and tailor programmes to drive multi-scale innovation programmes in order to strengthen both the companies and the local eco-systems (Triple Helix). These normally involve programmes running for 9–18 months.

Level 5: Society, for networks, seminars, master classes, trend reports and industrial analysis

For an alumni association or network: one-day innovation training with inspiration, learning and the formation of individual action plans on how to make your client’s company more innovative. Usually 15–50 participants from 5–40 different companies. All the participants complete InnoSurveyTM in advance, getting a 40-page fully automated report to work with during the day. The theory and inspiration is related to each individual.  Personalised reports and tasks, in addition to how to work in small groups with peers, are supplied.   As in an open context, covering how to send out polls from a known source may involve collecting, analyzing, and writing a report to be sent out with a press release and/or invitations to an exclusive seminar.

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