Based in Paris, France


Thierry has a ‘T-shaped’ profile, with robust strategic and analytical capabilities based on a strong academic and technical background. He graduated from “Ecole Centrale de Paris”, one of the three top Engineering Schools in France and also holds a master of economics and finance. He brings solid organizational and managerial skills thanks to many years spent in the field as a project manager.

In the 90’s, he got acquainted with “Sustainable Development” which was an emergent concept at that time. He immediately realized that it could lead to major changes in the ways people and organizations live, produce and consume; hence his decision at that point to join organizations committed to improving their sustainability and environmental performance.

He has learned from 15+ years dedicated to various operational and strategic assignments in these fields that durability of an organization relies above all on its agility and its ability to recurrently renew itself. In an increasingly shifting and uncertain context, innovation capability is the key of resilience.

This vision is the starting point of ECOGENERIS, the Strategy & Innovation consultancy firm he founded. ECOGENERIS aims to increase customers’ profitability and durable growth by enhancing their innovation capabilities, in line with their strategy and identity.

ECOGENERIS focuses on creative “out-of-the-box” thinking as the best way to generate (“Eco-Generate”) a radical leap in value, both in economic and ecological terms.

Areas of expertise
  • Construction and Auditing of Innovation Management System
  • Organisational and Operational Efficiency
  • Sustainability and Resilience, Environmental and Energy performance, Renewable Energies, Carbon strategy
  • In-depth industry insights Utilities Sector (Energy, Water, Waste)
  • Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration
  • Key Expertise in Public-Private Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Engineering Degree – École Centrale de Paris
  • Master of Economics and Finance (Energy Markets) – MinesParisTech, IFP School
  • Master of Urban Management and PPP, ESSEC Business School
  • ISO 14001 and 50001 IRCA – International Auditor Accreditation