Motivation tends to fade over time, but it is a renewable resource. A customized presentation creates a touchstone for innovative teams that continues to inspire and persuade every time they remember it. Bring the electricity of Innovation360’s live speakers to your next innovation-centered event.

Innovation360 founder and CEO Magnus Penker

Magnus Penker is an internationally-renowned expert on innovation, digitization, and business transformation. He has been engaged as a speaker by Ducker Forum, international business schools, a variety of associations and some of the world’s largest companies (listed in the largest speaker agency in Europe). Additionally, he has also launched 10 startups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold over 30 SME companies all over Europe. He brings engaging stories, interactive props, intelligence, humor, and a deeply-held sense of social responsibility to every speaking engagement.

Sofie Lindblom, co-founder of Ideation360

With expertise in entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, startups and diversity, Sofie Lindblom transforms intangible “buzz words” into a meaningful dialog on how organizations can create value and assume leadership over their own industries. Sofie is an innovation expert, lifelong fan of the creative process, tireless promoter of diversity, inclusion and equality, an international speaker, writer, adventure sports lover and hobby DJ. She left her position as the Global Head of Innovation at Spotify to co-found Ideation360, which empowers organizations to innovate through mobile apps, SaaS and other advanced technological platforms.

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