People are key to making innovation happen, whether you are at the exploration stage or in the final delivery and commercialization of your idea. To foster a strong innovation culture in an organization over time, the people involved in innovation initiatives, regardless of phase, need to feel motivated, engaged, and capable of driving innovation forward. For long-term success, the behaviors and mind-sets within successful teams that contribute to innovation should be also be spread across departments.

Innovation360 offers practical tools and coaching to build a more innovative and intrapreneurial culture within an organization. With a range of services to support innovation projects and culture transformation, we can help you create more awareness around innovation in your organization, which leads to improved quality of both exploration and execution while boosting innovation culture and attracting outside talent for collaboration or employment.

With a number of options for improving delivery throughout the innovation process, our experienced director-level consultants can support your organization for a defined period of time to deliver outcomes, implement change, fill unexpected gaps, restructure the organization, turn around underperforming innovation projects, or support in delivering a specific innovation project.

Services to Support Innovation Management

Interim Management

An Innovation360 consultant joins your organization during a defined period of time to lead or act as support during an entire project or in selected parts of it. Our consultants and licensed practitioners in 28 countries are innovation experts and accredited innovation practitioners, with experience from a variety of backgrounds and industries such as Space, Tech, Media, FMCG, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Management consulting, and more.

Project Management Support

We provide coaching support of current employees for specific projects. Innovation360 can support your team in setting up a framework for project management supporting the innovation process, including timelines, milestones, deliveries, working principles, and documentation/reporting structures.

Intrapreneurial Training

Innovation360 rolls out a training program for selected teams or people with the purpose of fostering innovative ways of working that can spread across the organization and build innovation culture long-term. The coaching program brings together a selected team in order to co-create and form future ways of working for an innovative organization.

Contact Innovation360 to hear more about how we can support you in setting up your teams for success throughout the innovation journey, or how to work together on specific innovation projects.