For every new discovery on the innovation journey, there is a need to re-invent the given truth, to turn our thinking upside-down and to twist and turn our perceptions and biases if we want to create the best possible innovations. Whether it is a product, a service or a business model, the challenge remains the same – to enhance and use our creativity in the best way possible. To do that, we need to be inspired, seek new angles and experiment with our ideas – with the help of our minds, hearts and hands.

At Innovation360, we often run Hackathons to motivate and engage teams to reach a higher creative level, all the way from an early observation to a tangible prototype. The hacks often take place during a limited period of time to encourage the power of quick iterations, full focus on the task and maximum use of skills and experiences within the participating group.

Hackathons are ideal for anyone looking to explore the potential of an observation, hypothesis, idea, product, etc.


With the coaching from experienced Innovation360 facilitators, teams participating will be provided with a set of tools and methods to get out of their comfort zones and find new creative ways and angles to whatever challenge they are working on. The format is a great way to kick-start a new project, infuse ideas into the organization or just keep momentum up in building a strong innovation culture while adding new ideas to the pipeline. We love to inspire your teams, allowing them to toss aside their old assumptions, see their business through a new set of glasses and discover a path less traveled.


During a Hackathon, our task is to guide the team to gradually find and build up to the best solution to a known challenge. This is done by generating and exploring several ideas from various angles. The Hackathon has a flexible format, but ideally takes place over 1-2 days. Shorter sessions (1/2 day) with more inspirational focus, rather than reaching a solution, can be tailored depending on scope and need. Hackathon is a great introduction and fun education on how to move through the innovation process in an agile way, and how to get real value from it.

As thinking in new ways often requires breaking down the old and ingrained associations about the nature of work and play, Innovation360 applies techniques deployed to reframe difficult problems. One of the most popular techniques has been our experiments with LEGO Serious Play (LSP), a profoundly original concept based on the latest findings from top business and design schools, C-level industry experience, and leaders in management consulting. From ideation spawning to alignment of internal communications, to experiments in co-creation with customers, the creative tools we have identified at Innovation360 enable great results using the intersection of hands-on and “minds-on” learning.


Regardless of what creative challenges your team is tasked with, a struggle many companies have is to create the right focus needed for solving the task whilst being stuck in daily business, getting distracted by other assignments. For some companies, the struggle lies in not having the right people on board to tackle certain challenges, or not getting teams to cooperate during the process. The Hackathon format is a great way of temporarily (a few days, e.g., a weekend to 1 week) decentralizing a certain department or challenge to nurture the creative process, as it takes the shape of a short-term start-up where people central to solving the challenge can be invited. It offers a great forum for developers, marketers, CEOs designers, etc. to come together for a short and focused period of time to get ideas flowing outside of the typically constrained box. Apart from solving specific challenges, it is also a way of attracting innovation talent to your organization and retaining talent groups within the organization – building intrinsic motivation whilst creating long-term value for the business.

Methods and tools used in our Hackathons span all the way from brainstorming to business prototyping, to encourage productive creativity as much as possible. The Hackathon format also offers a structure for information sharing, knowledge development, intersectional thinking and ideation.

Steps included in a Hackathon are, e.g. (depending on duration and scope):

  • Frame – understand current situation, gain insights, create brief and identify success factors
  • Develop – co-create potential solutions with help from the outside-in perspective, intersectional thinking techniques, stimulus and data – using the hypothesis-based approach
  • Iterate – use potential solutions to gather more insight and data, iteration based on feedback, and scoping of solution to ensure direction
  • Prototype – turn idea into something tangible, e.g., visual concept, film, storyboard or mockup
  • Validate – prepare pitch, make business presentation, refine prototype, involve key stakeholders and present idea to process owner/jury

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