Innovation360 helps organizations establish an adaptable innovation process and foster a culture of innovation. Our data-driven action plans are based on analytics from thousands of innovative projects over many years. In today’s intricately connected global marketplace, with new competitors appearing daily even from other industries, disruption is the status quo. Data trends indicate that around 40% of the companies thriving today will be gone within the next 10 years. In this new world, innovation is a basic survival skill.


Yet too many innovations languish when they hit the market or fall apart during development. Resources devoted to those projects dissipate, starving truly disruptive ideas. Good ideas are plentiful but there is a science to fostering the most effective ones.

The Innovation360 Group is recognized as a leading innovation management firm, with a growing presence in 28 countries and operations in nearly all major language groups. From our executive offices in New York and Stockholm, we oversee world-wide initiatives through a network of accredited practitioners trained in Innovation360 methodology. We have aggregated the world’s largest database of concepts in practical innovation and developed Sherlock, the planet’s first AI program devoted to deep mind pattern recognition within innovation data.

On a global scale, our innovation consultants are currently addressing the world’s toughest challenges related to the equitable distribution of Food, Energy, Water, Security, Global Health, Education, Environmental Sustainability, and Access to Space. Our consultants have been tasked with formulating the upcoming ISO standards for innovation management. We help organizations align their operations with these emerging international standards.

We specialize in leading enterprises and governmental bodies on original approaches to ideation, the codification of creativity, and market strategies linked to developments along 3 horizons of breakthrough technology. You can learn how to recognize advances in productivity and profitability from the intelligent management of innovation portfolios. We can facilitate the design and execution of interactive training workshops (innovation circles) or help you transform your organization through proven change management action plans.

We’ll present you with an in-depth, actionable assessment of your organization’s innovation capabilities. You’ll learn which skills you will need to bring on board for the next leg of your journey, and the most practical direction for short-term refinement, mid-term expansion and long-term business continuity. Join our community of innovators in building a smarter, more sustainable future.

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