Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Peyton loves the challenges of solving problems and innovating new ideas using design thinking and design sprints methodology with the hope to help build impactful unique solutions. She is passionate about redesigning design and innovation framework as she practices the customized methodology as she leads organizations in building their new ventures.

She had spent the majority of her career in the tech and social start-up scene, gaining experiences in the areas of human-centred design, design research, user experience, digital transformation and technological research. Her past role in a FinTech accelerator involves sourcing for new deep technology innovation and leading the build-up of the FinTech Academy. She enjoys the exploration of the latest technology and thus funnels her writing as a Journalist in Residence for Jumpstart Magazine.


Areas of expertise

  • Design Thinking & Design Sprints (User specified design research, ideation, prototyping and validation user testing)
  • User Experience and Product Design
  • Technology Accelerator and Venture Capitals (focused on international scale-up start-up)
  • Deep Technology Innovation
  • Business and Partnership Pitching
  • Facilitation and Moderation



  • Statement of Accomplishment in Human Centered Design and Prototyping, IDEO & +Acumen
  • First-class honours in Bachelor of Financial Economics, University Malaysia Sabah