Navigating Uncertainty using Scenario Analysis: a primer for US Banks & Financial Services

Navigating Uncertainty using Scenario Analysis: a primer for US Banks & Financial Services

How US banks & other FS firms can use Scenario Analysis to manage risk & be successful during volatile times.

Are you starting to wonder about how you will manage the growing number of risks and high levels of uncertainty in the world today?

The Financial Services (FS) industry – banks, insurers, asset managers – are especially impacted today. In addition to the major shifts over the past 5-10 years driven by digital transformation, and the threat of new competitors enabled by new technologies, FS players face risks from cybersecurity, economic fears, and now geo-political risks. All of these combine to create a very uncertain business environment for banks and other FS players, especially in the US and Canadian markets.

Fortunately, there are proven approaches to successfully understanding and managing exactly this kind of environment. Great business leaders have used Scenario Planning as a powerful tool for many years – to understand emerging trends and help their organizations and to navigate through volatile times.

Scenario Analysis investigates various possible futures – distilling data and rigorous analyses into a set of storylines, that give clarity of thought and action in many situations, to the whole organization.

Attend this session to get an overview of Scenario Analysis, and how to use it in the US banking & broader Financial Services industry.

This masterclass will be led by panel of seasoned experts, including David Milligan, Johannes Jarl & Gerry Purcell. The session covers:

1. What is Scenario Analysis, and how it evolved to become one of the most important strategic tools to deal with uncertainty & complexity.

2. Why Scenario Analysis is uniquely suited to helping Financial Services players (banks, insurers, and even fintech firms) to manage volatility.

3. How it can be used by Financial Services leaders (esp. US banks) to create a set of strategic options, and to know which ones to pursue at what time.

Details: Nov 16, 2022 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)