Based in Cairo, Egypt


A young man, Moustafa invented more effective ways to build and establish schools in poor areas, changing both how they were built and how education was organized

At 25, he had raised $3.5M funding, and built 182 new schools in Egypt, enabling collaboration between the US and Egypt, creating immense social impact

Post-university, he worked as a designer and architect, and among other projects he designed the American University Campus in Gouna, Egypt which is now the largest startup hub on the Red Sea

Later he joined Shell, operated for 12 yrs in more than 50 countries, and filled several leadership roles in sales & marketing, operations, strategy & investments, launching and scaling award winning top performing global teams and marketing play books

Traveling the world, he was later promoted into even more sensitive & influential roles

Combating bribery & corruption, money laundry and monopolization in post-war Iraq was the start to advising top Shell directorates at group level on key policies

Covering 14,000 employees, fighting against the misconception that ethics slow down businesses, Moustafadesigned tones for leadership that made sure the culture sinks into peoples’ diverse hearts and minds

Offering programmes for co-creation as part of his partnerships, Moustafa is becoming one of the most sophisticated innovation names and the first futurist designer for MENA located at the top African VC/PE investment destination, EGYPT

Moustafa’s medium term goal is to lead a wide-range design-led investment authority into an impactful macroeconomic journey with focus on MENA; hence the name of his latest startup for super-adequate contextual innovation, ‘design-led’, which offers the full array of Innovation 360 Group’s consultation products & more.

Areas of expertise
  • Global market knowledge 
  • Design & Branding
  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Multi-Cultural & Cross-Functional Team Management
  • Online & Offline Growth Hacking
  • Design thinking and business design
  • Change Management and Transformation
  • Innovation Governance and Processes
  • Art & Science of Startups 
  • Venture Capital
  • BSc./MSc in Architectural Design & Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Global Executive MBA, INSEAD (#1 ranking global business masters)
  • MIT, design-thinking professional
  • GIZ, material flow analytics