Innovation tools in order to enable organisations to create breakthrough innovations, you need a way to efficiently generate, collect, organise and select ideas from your ecosystem including employees, customers and partners. Motivating, leading and aligning agendas is central. To successfully do this at scale, you often need a multi-language and multi-channel system with automated feedback to facilitate the process. Innovation360 Group has funded a subsidiary, ideation360, focusing on this crucial part of the innovation process.

Everything we do starts with ideation and selection; getting this part right is crucial for success. Innovation360 Group has therefore decided to use its experience and expertise within the field of innovation to design and build a system to facilitate this part of the process. The system, ideation360, was launched together with some of the most innovative companies in the world and is now available for customers and practitioners around the globe.

Innovation diagnostics

ideation360 has a web interface and an app interface. The app is for capturing ideas and the web interface for more advanced admin tasks such as setting up strategic initiatives, creating campaigns, cluster and select ideas, forming hypotheses and setting up experiments.

ideation360 is a subscription product with different tiers depending on the organisation’s needs. In addition, there is an enterprise version which includes consultancy support from us and all of our licensed practitioners in +20 countries.

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