Innovation Metrics session at Innov8rs Madrid



Innovation Metrics by Magnus Penker

Join Magnus Penker, he will be speaking about Innovation Metrics.

Innovation is notoriously difficult to measure but any activity that significantly impacts investment, staffing, resources and competitiveness needs to be measured. In this talk, Magnus Penker will share what metrics are proving useful in organizations when pure financial metrics don’t work.

What techniques are being used to quantify and score innovation to push forward winners? What types of dashboards are out there and what are they tracking? How best to quantify investment dollars and staff time, leadership and mentoring time? What is coming from internal sources and what is from customers and partners? How much time does it takes to move projects forward? How are people quantifying the number of projects that move from concept to reality in different risk categories, revenues derived, efficiencies and improvements to output?

Magnus Penker is an internationally renowned thought leader on innovation, digitalization and business transformation.  In 2016, Mr. Penker received the Business Magazine award as the ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Sweden 2016.”  Mr. Penker founded Innovation360 Group, an organization that has built a comprehensive innovation analytics, interactive tool solution and the largest AI-enabled innovation management database with over 6,000 organizations in 62 countries.  This framework will be the basis of the workshop.

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