Innovation Circle by Innovation360 Group at IAOIP’s Innova-Con


February 27th – March 1st at the Booz Allen Hamilton Center

Innovation 360 GroupInnovation360 Group is collaborating with The International Association of Innovation Professionals, to deliver the following events at Innova-Con 2018.

Keynote on Innovation Metrics by Magnus Penker

Join Magnus Penker, he will be keynoting on Innovation Metrics. Learn to measure innovation in your organization and set specific innovation goals, proactively rebalance innovation spending and measure results.

VIP Innovation Circle hosted by Innovation360 Group at  Innova-Con

Innovation360 Group together with The International Association of Innovation Professionals, are arranging an innovation workshop at IAOIP’s event, Innova-Con on February 27th from 1-4 pm.

This will be an interactive workshop where you will gain insights about your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities within innovation.  We will break down strategy, culture, leadership, capabilities and innovation processes in a tangible way.

In addition, you will receive an exclusive 40-page personalized innovation assessment and benchmark report for your organization (based on InnoSurvey®).

In order to attend the workshop, you will have to purchase a ticket for IAOIP’s Innova-Con Event (  To obtain a $25 discount for a one-day pass, use the code Innovation360 or the code Innova-Con2018 for a $50 discount code for the full event.

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Magnus Penker is an internationally renowned thought leader on innovation, digitalization and business transformation.  In 2016, Mr. Penker received the Business Magazine award as the ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Sweden 2016.”  Mr. Penker founded Innovation360 Group, an organization that has built a comprehensive innovation analytics, interactive tool solution and the largest AI-enabled innovation management database with over 6,000 organizations in 62 countries.  This framework will be the basis of the workshop.

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is a professional member organization and the world’s only innovation membership body, providing members with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to deliver real change in their industry or field. IAOIP certified innovation professionals are equipped with the appropriate tools to make a strategic difference in their organization through knowledge exchange, research, conferences, training and publications. With individual, corporate, public and non-profit members around the world, IAOIP is the leading international membership-based organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals working in the field of innovation.