How to get three big new ideas to commercial success, Feb 15

– Getting beyond meaningless Sharktanks 

New ideas are not the hard part; rather, it is getting the right ideas that is the hard part. Ideas are like seeds; they can be in the ground for a very long time before anything happens, or they might never grow up. It is a combination of so many factors and also DNA mutations. Exactly as in business. Therefore, shark tanks are not working. It is a misconception. Ideation is a nonlinear creative process. It is possible to manage with structure and rules. But it is not linear, and you need to get ready for insights out of your comfort zone and not rely on presuppositions. But that’s the whole idea. If you do what you did yesterday and expect a new result, it will not happen. If you do what your competitors are doing, you will, in the best case, be equal, but not victorious—listening to the real-world example webinar and get ready for real new insights.

Time: 9 am EST, February 15, 2021

About Magnus Penker

Magnus Penker is an internationally renowned thought leader on innovation, sustainability, and business transformation. He is often a speaker at prestigious global forums and events, such as the Global Peter Drucker Forum, at top-ranked international business and design schools, and at meetings run by a variety of associations, including some of the world’s largest companies. Mr. Penker is currently writing a five-volume series on business innovation titled The Complete Guide to Business Innovation and he is an editor for the International Journal of Innovation Science. He has been honored by the Business Worldwide Magazine as the ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and named as one of the Global Top 100 CEOs in 2018 by CEO Monthly. Additionally, he has launched 10 start-ups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold 30+ SMEs all over Europe.

About Johannes Jarl

Mr. Johannes Jarl is serving as a Director for Innovation 360 group, operating out of their Executive New York City office. Mr. Jarl focuses on innovation management analysis, strategy development, and transformation programs, including executive coaching, for Innovation 360´s Global Clients. Mr. Jarl’s assignments traverse cutting-edge work with some of the largest private and state-owned companies in the world. The assignment-concentration on globally operating enterprises has allowed Mr. Jarl to gain a particular proficiency in cross-border enterprise challenges and opportunities. He looks specifically into challenges such as creating coherent innovation strategies as well as local and global symptomatic transformation tracks by applying a deep understanding of Innovation 360-unique methodology and practices and implementing those frameworks in pursuit of instigating a culture of innovation with active, open thinking teams, embracing innovation on all levels. Mr. Jarl has a BBA with double majors in Corporate Finance and Strategic Management from Lund University, Sweden, and additional Management studies on Graduate level from Harvard University, USA.