Reaching Innovation Peaks, April 12th

Whether as LPs or Partners, the relationships with Innovation360 provide a world-class platform and unique offerings. One part of our tool and methodology base is covering ISO 56000. As we have also been involved from day 1 in the development of this family of Innovation Management standards, the Innovation360 suite is also entirely consistent.

In this webinar, we explore which innovation peaks you can reach and how these two innovation pillars can get us there:

  1. Alignment, Capabilities, and Culture for Innovation in a 360-degree analysis with InnoSurvey™
  2. Innosurvey™ and the inbuilt ISO56000 Readiness Test

We’ll review the full ISO 56000 series, the published standards, and those pieces still in development. You will get an update on how to test your readiness and the difference between a full-blown standard and certification guidance and compliance/certification standards. We also point out weaknesses of ISO 56000 according to recently published studies and how to fill these gaps using the full Innovaiton360 model.

Welcome to an exciting ISO 56000 webinar with Eoin Flavin, Head of Innovation Practice at STEPSTONE Consulting, and Magnus Penker at Innovation 360 Group.

Time: 8 am EST, April 12, 2021