Cultivating an Innovation Culture

Innovation is essential for an organization to survive and thrive in the competitive global market; however, too often, the people processes are not given enough attention in transformation efforts.

The organizational culture (i.e. ‘the way things are done around here’) affects innovation in that certain values, beliefs and behaviors affect the processes and practices which companies use to generate value. By focusing on the culture within the organization, and coupling with other technology and innovation management efforts, leaders will have a more systemic understanding of how to increase and sustain the innovation capabilities of their organizations.

Join John Saiz, Principal at Innovation 360 Group and former Chief Technology Officer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, to learn more about his approach for cultivating a culture of innovation.

Time: 10 am EST, Oct 15

About John Saiz

John Saiz, Principal at Innovation 360 Group, is formerly the Chief Technology Officer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Mr. Saiz works with manufacturing and technology-intensive companies worldwide to enhance their capabilities across the core elements of innovation and technology management.

Since 2014, he has led collaborations with a number of multinational commercial organizations, including AstraZeneca, FMC Technologies, GE Global Research, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, Oxiteno, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Schlumberger, and Subsea 7. Mr. Saiz has also supported industry consortia and academia, including the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, BioPhorum, OrthoWorx, Purdue University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of Maine.

While at NASA, Mr. Saiz directed a number of technology and flight development projects that spanned the full spectrum of technology readiness levels, from initial proof-of-concept laboratory demonstrations through long-term spaceflight operations on the Space Shuttle, Russian Mir, and International Space Station.  He managed a portfolio of nearly 200 internal research and technology development activities during his CTO tenure at the Johnson Space Center. His industry experience includes engineering and technology management roles at Halliburton, ILC Space Systems (now Oceaneering), and Honeywell Defense Systems. He also worked a brief stint as a “mud logger” with Integrated Drilling and Logging, Inc. in the Texas and Louisiana oilfields

Mr. Saiz maintains an appointment as a Principal Industrial Fellow with the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge.