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The first day of Singularity Summit has left us confused on a higher level. In his opening statement Rob Nail, CEO of Singularity University spoke of the exponentiality of technological development and it’s implications on different industries.

The energy created by one hour of sunshine is enough to supply the entire globe for a year. The challenge is to capture that energy. Exponential development will solve that challenge eventually and energy will go from being scarce to abundant.

This will be a disruptive challenge for the energy industry.

We have come across two very different approaches to meet this disruption. On the one hand American Utility Companies trying to ban establishment of solar panels on domestic roof tops, and on the other hand there are utility organizations embracing this transformation. At the Women In Tech event in Stockholm last week Ingrid Bonde, CFO and deputy CEO of Swedish energy giant Vattenfall spoke of their transformation from being an energy supplier to supplying intelligent electrical networks where customers are both producers and consumers (prosumers).

Who do you believe will disrupt the industry, and who will be disrupted?

Others topics of the day was the impact of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless cars etc. One thing is certain – this will change the world. We believe into a better place. We will experience better healthcare, the use of less energy, and eventually less poverty.

More news tomorrow.

Martin & Agnes in Seville.

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