Working for Innovation 360 Group is not only a job, it’s a calling. We are determined to make the world a better place. We do this by measuring and benchmarking innovation in order to advise clients on how to strengthen their innovation even further. Thus, they will continue to be the industry leaders that others follow. We focus on development from a holistic (360 degrees) approach, creating sustainable innovative solutions, and reinforcing our strategy with our seven core beliefs and a true commitment to: personality, values, ethics, diversity, academic and analytic skills, social competence, educational level and results. For more information about our culture and values, please read Our seven core beliefs.

We have four career progressions: Analyst-level Consultant, Senior-level Consultant, Management-level Consultant and Director-level Consultant. Each level is expected to develop and challenge its employees by means of senior staff at other levels, to help guide, encourage and mentor your development. Director-level Consultants and Management Consultants will also have direct responsibility for acquiring, developing and expanding customer accounts.

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  1. I am highly interested in a job at Innovation 360 Group! How can I get hired?
    Innovation360 looks for talented people who have a wide range of interests. Most new hires will have advanced degrees or significant experience working in a specific field, but they’re not specialists. We look for ’T-shaped’ people; that is, people with at least one deep area of expertise and a broad reach of other skills (a.k.a. generalist) and corresponding experiences to draw on, whether from past employment or from their own personal endeavors. In addition, as a great candidate, you have experiences, a strong desire and a comfortable feeling from working in teams. Innovation360 projects are highly collaborative by design, and project teams typically comprise people from multiple disciplines within Innovation360, from our clients, and sometimes from other partners or our external talent ecosystem. We also hope to find answers to questions like: What do you offer? What is your commitment to innovation? What are your goals? Who else can validate your story? Once we initiate the interview process, we will have a deep conversation with you to learn who you are, show you who we are and give you an in depth understanding of what Innovation360 is all about. We will, of course, talk to your references.
  2. How does the recruitment process work?
    We have a small recruitment team that manages job listings, reads incoming applications, determines the right fit, and coordinates the interview and offering process. As an applicant, you will meet at least a handful of people. You should bring examples of the work you’ve done – cool stuff that you are passionate about – and some ideas about things you want to do. Interviews range from pointed questions about work examples to casual conversations about life. After a series of interviews, the hiring team gets together as soon as possible to review your qualifications for the role.
  3. Will Innovation360 contact me regarding the status of my application?
    As of today, we regret that we cannot reply personally to each submission. We will, however, review and share your submission with the appropriate people inside Innovation360. If there is an immediate match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly, latest within four weeks! If you do NOT hear from us within that time frame, please assume that we do not have an appropriate opportunity matching your talents at this point, but we will certainly keep you in mind for any appropriate openings that may develop in the future.
  4. Does Innovation360 require many years of experience, or do you hire directly from school?
    We strongly believe that it is important for our continued success to bring in people from both ends of the spectrum to keep us fresh and to import new ideas, perspectives and experiences to our business. In some cases, we need seasoned professionals who can hit the ground and help us push in a new direction, while, in other cases, we will hire less experienced persons, and then help them grow and thrive by establishing a mentoring network with our most experienced professionals.
  5. How can I, as one of many candidates, stand out?
    We want to know as much as we can about you, not just to be impressed and blinded by fun fonts or other clever gimmicks. Different roles require different presentations: If you have a design background, the aesthetics of your résumé matters more than those with a business background, where business impact and clarity of thinking will be bigger clues to their suitability. We need everything you send us to be electronic, including your portfolio. There are a lot of people who will view your work, often while they travel, so electronic formats are required. Please provide your work in a PDF format or provide a link to a website, so we can ensure you maximum exposure inside Innovation360. Degrees are important, but not necessarily, depending on e.g. which school the degree is from. We have people at Innovation360 with first hand experiences of degree programmes around the world. Help us get to know you by including additional credentials and distinctions, as you see fit. Too much information can be overwhelming, while too little leaves others to fill in the gaps, so find a balance by sharing themes and priorities. Attention to detail matters greatly to us, and therefore a resumé with errors signal a certain degree of sloppiness, which will therefore decrease the strength of your application.
  6. How does Innovation360 determine cultural fit?
    We see ourselves as a mosaic of individuals, where the big picture comprises a beautiful whole, but where each individual is a different, unique and truly complementing part of the whole. Your passions, your enthusiasm, your ability to collaborate, your travel adventures, the latest book you’ve read, what music you love, or a movie you hated… You never know when a passion of yours will come in handy on a project. Good candidates offer more than just a list of former jobs they’ve had or courses they’ve taken. We sometimes read resumés from the bottom up, because what you’ve accomplished outside of work may tell us as much about you as person as what you’ve done as an employee. Use your cover letter to tell a story that may not come through in your resumé. Help us connect the dots; tell us who you are, for real.
  7. What’s in it for me?
    We strive to be an extraordinary and sustainable workplace for world-class professionals. We’ve applied a human-centered innovation process to our own organizational structure and processes, and we continually fine-tune our system to ensure that we effectively address employee growth and wellness. We think it’s important to examine all the factors that are valuable to a relationship between you and Innovation360, beyond the hygiene factors, salary and benefits. We’ve learned that while money is an important component, it’s not the single most important aspect of offering a great place to work at. Here are three aspects of why we think Innovation360 is a great place to work:
  • Unique work opportunities: Innovation360 tackles some of the most interesting, diverse, and difficult sets of innovation challenges on the Nordic markets as well as in the rest of the world, in both private and public sectors. We offer opportunities to work across a variety of products, services, industries, clients, technologies and experiences, in a volume and scale that is hard to match anywhere else. We give teams the power to build relationships with influential clients and organisations and we provide a high degree of autonomy to guide the work and generate excellent, appropriate, and delightful innovation solutions.
  • Talented and diverse people: We hire talented thinkers who represent many perspectives, disciplines, nationalities and points of view. We believe a civilized workplace is a more rigorous and sustainable place to work at, so we don’t hire “jerks” (See The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton, Stanford professor, or read his blog). We provide ways to share knowledge and projects among our people, believing that we all work better and learn more when we freely interact and collaborate with other talented people in our organization.
  • Supportive and inspiring spaces: People thrive when they work in stimulating, comfortable and well-located places. We try to be in cities where people like to be and that offer facilities and workspaces that promote collaboration and inspire great design. We provide resources and leaders who craft community as a primary element of their jobs. We believe this is far better than working out of your basement or in a corporate cubicle!


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December 31, 2019