Innovation by numbers: Lessons to learn from the CIA and Netflix

Back in 2011, we were wondering how to develop the first hypothesis in the large and very complex assignments we were undertaking. We decided to look at other trades and industries to see how they

Co-creating volume 3

Now we start the work co-creating volume 3 of the Complete Guide to business Innovation and you are invited! Contribute at   INTRODUCTION TO

Unlearning Is the New Learning

To Learn or to Unlearn - that's the question Take a moment right now to put everything on pause and visualize the person you were a decade ago. You didn’t have a smartphone because they didn’t

IL Master Class: Innovation by the Numbers

In Innovation Leaders recent Master Class, “Innovation by the Numbers,” we explored how innovation metrics and analytics could be used to move company strategies forward. The session was

ISO will celebrate the first baseline of the Innovation Management System Standards in Stockholm, May 2019

Last week, March 12-16, ISO/TC 279 held a plenary meeting hosted by British Standards Institute, BSI, in London. During the full week, all working groups continued their hard work with their

The Constancy of Change and the Path to Continuous Value Creation

Overly simplified models of the world lead inevitably to inadequate conclusions and unprofitable pursuits. That’s why so many businesses recently have succumbed to disruptive outsiders. They

Managing Change Despite Uncertainty

Even if you know what your customers want now, how do you know what they will want tomorrow? How can business leaders plan for business continuity in the face of a volatile, unpredictable global

Innovation by the numbers, the secret source in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vision 2021 is one of the most ambitious innovation visions on the planet, aiming for sustainability, health, education, renewable energy and a knowledge-based economy.

The EU Sustainability Directive Is Setting a New Global Standard for Business Practices

US innovators and investor are closely watching the drama of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (Regulation 2016/679/EU), covering corporate responsibility for protecting personal

Can We End of Poverty in a Decade?

In July of 2017, the UN released its latest update on their progress toward 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The No. 1 goal on that list is “No poverty by 2030.” Some business and public

The October Paris-meeting moved the upcoming ISO Standard on Innovation Management Systems one step closer to release!

I recently participated in the ISO/TC 279 meeting in Paris, where the working groups continued to work with their respective parts, moving the standard one step closer to its planned publishing

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

Innovations are infinite, even within a finite market. However, not all innovations start with the same chance at a fully productive lifecycle. Innovations that survive are most often those that are

Innovation 360 Group is on the ground in UAE, and Dubai is leading the charge in the pursuit of innovation

As a force for change behind most industries and a catalyst for development in the public and private sectors, innovation is undoubtedly one of the keys to economic development and diversification

Do you have an Artificial IntellIgence Strategy – or are you JUST pretending TO?

Not long ago one of my clients told me he badly needed “Artificial Intelligence for Dummies.” It was an interesting comment, coming from a highly skilled former senior consultant and current

We are going live with Sherlock – The greatest collective innovation mind in history

My friends – Sherlock is live!   The collective deep-learning mind, Sherlock, where data from many thousands of companies in 62 countries, innovation experts in 28 countries and 100

Recommendation engines force organisations to fundamentally rethink

According to Michael Schrage (HBR August 01), the single most important algorithmic distinction between “born digital” enterprises and legacy companies is not their people, data sets or

Artificial Intelligence & Innovation Management for Business Leaders

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war. — Napoleon Bonaparte   Not long ago one of my clients, a very skilled former top consultant, now

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres In many assignments, we see that the client has already established an innovation centre, or may be planning to do so. But

Release of The Complete Guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5

Today we officially launched the release date of the new book series "The Complete guide to Business Innovation Volume 1-5" and the first volume "How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation".

Innovation Management Standards ahead!

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, international standards and innovation capabilities has always been strong drivers and catalysts for human and societal development. International

Magnus Penker on Innovation

Adapt or die. That's a summation of the evolutionary theory known as the Red Queen Effect. Under certain environmental conditions, some organisms must remain in a state of continuously adaptation

Choosing the right strategy handling uncertainty

Imagine you ask your management team or your employees to figure out, design and launch something that will replace your current business, and give them a deadline and a budget. Then you will

Decision making in strategic uncertainty

What's the hardest part of commercialising innovative concepts? Let´s figure it out. First, the Innovation Process consists of four phases; Ideation, Selection, Development, and Commercialization.

Client Case: Green Innovation of the Paper Industry

Client Case: Green Innovation At last year’s GADDEN Conference, one of the top career fairs for business, law, logistics and environmental science students in Northern Europe,

The Hypothesis-Based Approach: One Change To Make an Organisation More Innovative

The business community may remember 2016 as the year when crowdfunding surpassed venture capital in financial support for startups. The unbridled success of crowdfunding platforms such as

Reinnovation of the Major Automotive Players Through Eco Systems, Openness and Platform Design

When industries seek to totally redefine themselves, as many are doing today or are going to do, three of the most important aspects to consider in this innovation-driven change are developing

Penker’s reflections on The Drucker Forum 2016

The 8th Drucker Forum was a milestone in many ways. It focused on the core of what will create the GDP of tomorrow and the actions to take – entrepreneurship and innovation. New GDP will not come

Connecting the Dots in the New White House Report on AI and Innovation

In October, the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and the U.S. president issued a joint report titled “Preparing For The Future of

Augmentation and Client Embedding: The Disruption of the Consultancy Industry

Right on schedule, disruption has come to the world of consulting. While many have seen it coming, only a few consulting firms are prepared to ride this wave of disruption into a new market

How B2B2C Drives Digitalization and the Innovation of New Business Models

In the 1990's, chess was often brought in as a useful tool for talking about advanced business concepts. Strategic vision was superimposed on an eight-by-eight block to determine how much time,

InnovationIQ – Score your Innovation readiness

InnovationIQ Score Prepare to regularly revitalise your core value proposition through internal and external innovation. This is more than just an ideal goal for the modern business. It is an

The Global Innovation Index

The Global Innovation Index gathers data from companies and their clients to measure how innovative countries are all over the world. This provides an overview of the business environment and

30 SME Grown-Ups signed up for a super-innovation program

regional innovation and development On March 10 one of the largest innovation lifts in EU was launched - 30 parallell SMEs Grown-Ups with +2,000 employees in the Swedish "Mittelstand" Småland

Business Innovation Using LEGO Models

Business Innovation Using LEGO Models You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation – Plato What's the difference between play and

How Artificial Intelligence Will Drive the Three Innovation Horizons

For the moment, forget all the high profiled media stories about the danger of artificial intelligence (AI). These arguments are based on what AI might become, not on what it is doing now.

Organizing for Simultaneous Innovation Capability – key findings from +1,000 companies, republished from
Drucker Forum 2016

After collecting and studying innovation data from over 1,000 companies in 62 countries, I’m often asked whether Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME) are more innovative and entrepreneurial than

Magnus Penker is awarded with Business Worldwide Award in two categories

Magnus Penker CEO of the year We at Innovation360 Group proudly congratulate our CEO Magnus Penker to the Business Worldwide Award in the two categories ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and

The digital innovation era calls for new board leadership

innovation - In todays globalized and digitalized world, Innovation capability is emerging as the most crucial success factor for companies that wants to master sustainable growth and

Magnus Penker Appointed as Speaker at The Global Drucker Forum, 2016

We at Innovation 360 Group are very proud to announce that Magnus Penker, CEO and one of the founders of our company, has been appointed as a speaker at the most important forum for global

The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries

By studying over 1,000 companies in 62 countries and all continents over the past years, we have not just built the largest 360-database with multiple respondents in each company (external and

The new generation of PR

PR has, generally spoken, changed over time and become more complex as the possibilities of interacting and building relations has exponential increased over time. Old truth might still be truth but

Fashion Industry as a circular business model (Part I of II)

Young plant growth in lady shoe, recycle concept “I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.” Steve

Elon Musk promotes Open Innovation

In a recent interview at the InvestHK event in Hong Kong, January 26, Elon Musk, founder & CEO of Tesla Corporations, stated that -"Tesla Corporation has now open sourced all its patents to the

Davos Innovation Analysis: Will The Fourth Industrial Revolution lead to Households as employers?

The echo form the Davos meeting just begun... To quote Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy, “The idea that robots will take our jobs is the biggest

Enterprise Innovation – by the Numbers!

Enterprise Innovation - By the Numbers How to Plan and Manage Innovation in Your Organization Introduction: - You still can’t manage what you can’t measure! Enterprise Innovation as an

Probably the first 360° innovation assessment tool compliant with the upcoming ISO/TC 279 and CEN TS 16555-7

We are very proud to announce that InnoSurvey™ is most likely the first 360° innovation assessment tool compliant with the upcoming Innovation Assessment Standard ISO/TC 279 and CEN TS

The best year in mankind – due to innovation, technology and global leadership!

The best year in mankindWe believe in good, we believe things can be fixed, and we believe it need to be done with new methods and leadership than before. You say that there is nothing new under

Stockholm Innovations for the New Year and Beyond

I missed the Nobel Prize by a smidge. More precisely, (not to mention, much more honestly), I recently had the privilege and opportunity to visit Stockholm, Sweden for Innovation Technology training

Implement an Innovation Management System in 90 days

Wanting to add strategy and structure to your innovation initiative without killing it with administration? HBR published an interesting article a year ago

Innovation in all aspects – the Key to Swedish Tech Success

After Silicon Valley, Stockholm produces the highest number of so called “unicorns” per capita. With a population of just one million people Stockholm has given birth over recent years to Skype,

Four Innovation Paradoxes driving disruption

There are a number of well-documented key drivers for innovation and global disruption, as discussed in this blog. Historically low interest rate; the exponential growth of CPU power, storage and

3D Printing -”To Disrupt or not to Disrupt?, that is the Question”

President Obama once said: -"3D printing may very well have the potential to revolutionize the way me make almost everything”! Fine, but I don´t believe it will happen the way most of us think it

7 lessons to disrupt like a startup!

We are in a fascinating fast-moving period, with high speed technology diffusion, low interest on financing, globalisation, digitalization and automatisation. The future of many established companies

Solar disruption

The sun is our greatest source of energy. If we could convert all of the solar radiation that reaches our planet in one hour to power, it would cover the entire world's energy needs for a full

Four disruptive threats to Nordic businesses: And how to meet them through innovating

We are probably in the middle of the biggest disruptive change in the market since industrialization. The market structure, its nature and the key success factors are undergoing a shift where

That’s why we think the new edition of Blue Ocean Strategy is important!

In todays business climate, with high tempo, hyper competition and shorter product lifecycles, a company´s ability to quickly develop and change it´s business model is of outmost importance to be

Why you should care about the Creativity Era

Being constantly exposed to how we analyze, develop and ultimately help our clients to become and stay successful in the creativity era, where innovation is at the heart, I have decided to put

Business Prototyping

Release the creative forces in your organization, by applying rapid business prototyping techniques on your business development.  To do that,  Innovation360 offer a unique intersectional take

Artificial Intelligence –Threat or Possibility?

As last blog post ended, I am going to dig a bit deeper into the incredible speed at which the world is learning right now and how it is learning. For every day, a smaller fraction of the world's

Mapping innovation process aspects

In a world of hyper competition, innovation is imperative to gain competitive advantage. The process of successfully implementing innovation has to begin in the organisations strategy, culture,

Industry 4.0 – disruption or just a logic extension of WWW?

Industry 4.0 is the name of the German government’s strategy for the fourth industrial revolution. The goal is the creation of smart factories, where all production is connected. The term first

Robots in Retail

We held a breakfast seminar on Omni-Channel 2.0 this Wednesday May 13th at our Stockholm Office. Read Saras' post on it here. I spoke on how digitalization and automation can come to revolutionize

Talking about Omni-Channel Challenges

This Wednesday we had a breakfast seminar about innovation in retail, focusing on the next step of Omni-Channel. Among the guests were representatives from leading fashion brands, food companies,

Current trends in healthcare

With twenty percent of the population generating eighty percent of healthcare cost, and a growing number of elderly people, public healthcare face an enormous challenge. This happens in times when

Omni Channel 2.0 – The innovation of Retail Business Models

Due to radical and partly unpredicted change in consumer behaviour, the retail and FMCG industry is going through a change that is both potentially highly rewarding yet also potentially punishing.

Pay to be deceived?

On weekdays we stick to digital editions of the morning papers but come weekends we splurge in paper, subscribing to the two largest newspapers in Sweden. Every now and then we try to decide on one

Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri

What´s happening now will have a greater impact on us than the innovation of the railway! When I talk about the ongoing globalization I talk about it as a series of waves, and right now, I´d say,

Will VR disrupt Reality?

David Roberts, former Special Agent and Singularity University faculty member, made an interesting example of possible disruption, when comparing the steady, linear improvement of how we experience

Check Your Body As Often As Your Email

The exponential implications on healthcare are truly disruptive. The revelation of the Apple Watch did not take the tech community by storm, but during the first 24 hours after 23andMe and Apple

Confused on a higher level

The first day of Singularity Summit has left us confused on a higher level. In his opening statement Rob Nail, CEO of Singularity University spoke of the exponentiality of technological development

Today Launch – Tomorrow into the Future!

This post is written in Seville where a team from Innovation 360 is attending the Singularity Summit Spain. Singularity University is a teaching organization, funded by companies like Google, Cisco

Launch of the worlds first free online based innovation measurement

We are very proud to officially launch the InnoSurvey online. The worlds first free, and probably most comprehensive, innovation measurement. Get a free comprehensive innovation measurement report

The swedish IT-kanalen and IT24 write about us

The swedish home electronic retail magazine IT-Kanalen write about our start, please read the article here. The leading swedish IT site give their perspective on our start. Read the article

New trend watcher for the swedish computer association

Today it was launched that Magnus Penker, founding partner at Innovation 360 Group, was appointed as trend watcher for the swedish computer association. Read more

Nässjö conference in innovation and logistics

On Tuesday 4 November 2014, international experts in Change Management, Innovation, Supply Chain Management and Lean meet up at Träcentrum in Nässjö (Sweden). Together with the regional companies

Help us building the largest Nordic innovation database in the history…

Participate in the most advanced and deepest innovation survey made in the Nordic history. In return you will get an extensive and executive innovation report analyzing the innovation capability

Lady Gaga takes innovation to avant-garde levels

How offers become almost impossible to copy WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? By understanding what you are actually selling, you can find your unique abilities and become sustainably competitive. Sitting

Buy 10,000 green mil and get an Audi for free

Social Innovation and sustainable thinking is emerging, business leaders shifting focus using social and sustainable thinking sharpening their competitive advantages. Interested reading more? Have a

Extend your market making more profit with Social Innovations

Joseph Schumpeter, the guru of innovation, addressed the process of innovation with his theory of creative destruction and his definition of entrepreneurs as people who combined existing elements in

Innovation trends

Over the last year the key topics within the world of innovations has been impacted by social responsibility and sustainability aspects, which can be seen by analyzing the last 12 months of Google

Combating Four Innovation Lies

Last Friday we could read an interesting blog post by Scott Anthony. It was about four typical innovation pitfalls. Great article, and I like to comment upon it. The first lie is that you can trust

Green Innovation – wash or reality?

It is a lot of buzz about green innovations and much talk about potential green washing. And we have seen it all before with pink washing and white washing. To understand whether green innovation is

One big open innovation square dance…

Innovation is a way of getting competitive advantage which is well known and documented since ancient times, ranging from machinery, war equipment to the beauty industry and all trial building the

Game driven innovation

In a recently report Gartner state that games will be used to drive innovations, an old phenomenon but interesting.  One of the most interesting stories is about how LEGO made an amazing turnaround

Innovation 2.0

As we speak there is a new trend rising providing us with opportunities or threats, depending on what side of the fence you are mentally located. Let’s first back the tape a bit. Take a moment and

The best moble learning app is awarded in Sweden

The Swedish Learning Award 2011 is completed and the winner selected. Guess if I am a proude chairman of Lexicon Interactive as they won in the category mobile learning. The winning contribution was

How increased interest open opportunities for countries like Sweden

At the moment many Swedish manufacture plants are bought by BRIC players which are an interesting phenomenon as the interest is increasing meaning that there are reasons beyond low interest here.

Business on a Beermat – this is how you build successful founding teams and get going

Mike Southon and Cris West are the guys behind the Beermat concept and as everything is done on Cobra Beermat's Lord Karan Bilimoria the founder of Cobra Beer is of cause endorsing their work cool

Who is an entrepreneur? Test yourself…

Today, when everybody from politician to journalists talk about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs I feel obligated to put attention on what it real is and what the differences is compared with small

Management by Pippi Longstocking

Recently José Angel Gurria at OECD pointed out Sweden’s finances as strong as  Pippi Longstocking, quite fun... That led me to think about Pippi and her philosophy realizing that it might

The world’s best company to work for

Today Hey Group release their Global Top 20 companies for leadership, top five at the list was: General Electric Procter & Gamble Intel Corporation Siemens Banco Santander Two European

It’s The Angels’ Time

That was the theme a few days back at 2010 Angel Capital Association Summit in San Francisco and the title of the speech by angel investor and blogger Basil Peters, who asserted that VCs are

Michael E. Porter sends CSR back to the stoneage – now it is time for real entrepreneurship…

Michael E. Porter Harvard University professor, explains in an new video post, why business leaders must focus on shared value - creating products and services that benefit not only the company but

Enter the O-Desk, next level of entrepreneurship

Today I will share a recent happening but before that some words about trust. Trust can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional or transformational meaning that ether you have trust or not in your

Why should I have a board at all – and my advice how to make it work

Having a board might by some be motivated with the legal reasons, by others to control or be able to offer tabouret seats to important people. By many entrepreneurs also motivated by having people

The enemy of past success

There is nothing more dangerous believing you are successful, nothing in the past success guarantees any future success. It is your perception and capability that impact future success. Even things


The most trendy right seems to be innovation. Companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google has created a wave of management literature, lectures and theories that will help others to think as


Art for art's sake has become an obsolete expression and entrepreneurship is the solution to the cultural worker’s needs. Our politician aims to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of our artist,

Entrepreneurship by son of the preacher

The other day I spoke to Hans Rosling, professor in global health and advisor to the world’s leaders. He gave me he gave me a very tangible advice on how to establish a business in Africa as I was

Even more insanely by Steve Jobs

When it comes to innovation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is legendary. His company slogan "Think Different" is more than a marketing tool. It's a way of life--a powerful, positive, game-changing approach to

DNA coded pit falls

I all companies I have worked in or with, including the one with the best entrepreneurs, there are a few pit falls that seems to be inherited in entrepreneurship regardless of culture, trade or

Social entrepreneurship – philanthropy or business?

Sweden was distinguished visit in the spring, by Richard Branson, CSR's new rock star and super-entrepreneur. Not only as a model for social responsibility - in his own special style, he has also

A new cool blog…

A new cool blog about entrepreneurship is up - cretated by my angel college Gustaf Brandberg, have a look at

Do you want to build Sweden’s leading HR-consultancy company!

Today aligning firm’s capabilities with the strategic intent is crucial, defining and developing the organization’s sweet spot essential. It’s a lot of article about the subject in Harvard

The only we know is that we are uncertain about the future

Are we facing a boom, a double dip, or a potential break-down of the global environment? No one can know for sure? The degree of uncertainty is higher than for a long time. We probable has to go back

Is the Indian IT miracle over?

Driving back and forth to you job in Munbai is like smoking a packaged of cigarettes, and nothing become better. Indian government spend 17 dollar per capita and year in infrastructure while China

Why is it hard to be a good manager?

The world seems slowly to recover, we are back in black again. Even banks in the UK are back, Greece are progressing and maybe there is a light of hope. There will always be tuff times, good times

When will the nation of Facebook have their own police force?

July 21st Facebook announced it had 500m users. According to the Economist Facebook have started to act like a country having diplomatic relationship with nations and top politicians such as

Venture Capital in Scandinavia

Just got introduced new interesting site, An online matching service for angel investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking capital. It

The complete value creation model

As promised, here comes the complete value creation model I have developed over the years - all development made in real and challenging business development cases. The purpose of the model is to be

What is value – a definition that helps!

The tricky thing when selling is that you think you can sell on the right price or on value, but that´s not true at all. All people buy on value, the perceived value. However, if your offer s equal

Charging for value – Sure…

Over the last decade it has been a lot of discussions about pricing based on value. However, there are several issues related to that and not an easy task. To begin with your company must be

Why HR people has difficulties getting attention in Sweden

As late as the other day I got it confirmed again. A lot of Swedish HR people does have a dominating PA perspective (PA=personal administration; employee admin) on their function, meaning less

No honey, no money

Over the past year I have I have meet up with several real professionals running their operations with precisions and knowledge, also profitable. Bur no exceptional growth rate, and all with a fear

Entrepreneurial gut feelings – bad or good?

In a new report from McKinsey they point out that leaders will be biased by their gut feelings and due to that they have to be able to judge the impact of the gut feelings. The technique suggested is

10 steps driving for innovations

As you might recall many of my blog posts are about differentiation, localisation, and innovations. These are the key tools of success in the future where the global playing field has doubled in size

Either you innovate or you’re in commodity hell

Sam Palmisano, CEO IBM, recently said “If you do what everyone else does, you have a low-margin business. That’s not where you want to be”. Innovation is the wheel on creating differentiation

New demands on leadership

In a blog post on Harvard Business review Bob Johansen write that it will be new demands on leadership in the future of cause accompanied with very predictable comments on the theme business as

Company is a force for good

Today, when moderating a table at founder alliance one of the delegates just came from a meeting with Bransson who dropped the line "Company is a force for good". Worth thinking about. Another

Unconferencing challenge traditional training companies

My old friends i London runninga session, unplugged and unconferenced, if you can join do that it will be an experiance. Reda more at

The flying geese

In the Spring, when you see geese heading North for the Summer or South in the Fall, flying along in ”V” formation, you might be interested in knowing what scientists have discovered about why