Based in Naples, Italy


Amir Atarodian is currently PhD scholar in Management science at University of Naples, Federico II and University of Naples, Parthenope in Naples, Italy. His major professional specializations are innovation management, Business development, Business strategic planning (Strategy development and implementation) and Open business models. Also his main expertise in academic area as a PhD candidate is innovation management in particular working on Open Innovation.

Having worked as a business development and business strategic planning advisor with commercial sector enterprises and industrial firms for 8 years delivered great potential to him and has brought a wider strategic perspective and opened a vision of being more innovative driven approach toward firms in different industries so that to support enterprises and change their innovative offerings and identifying innovative solutions to overcome complex issues according to their innovation ecosystem.

Since 2016 he has started collaboration with a number of Oil and Gas Equipment manufacturing firms in innovation management issues, in particular in the field of open innovation which is based on his doctoral academic research. He has experience and know-how of Open Innovation Management notions- Open Business Models and exploiting external knowledge sources with emphasis on small and medium sized enterprises.

He has attended in international conferences as lecturer and has published articles in peer reviewed academic journals and conferences mainly in the field of innovation management.

He has demonstrated a great potential of research abilities and has experience during past years with different projects in fields of business strategy development, Market research for Auto industry, Open innovation in Oil and Gas equipment industry. He has participated in various research projects such as strategic management and business developments strategic planning and strategy execution for enterprises sector. He has been engaged in assessing organizational capabilities in performing their business strategic plans and advised them the required steps for achieving successful business transformation and to gain more innovative outcomes. Alongside to advisory and senior expertise in mentioned professional fields, he had been lecturing and teaching management science relevant courses at university and academic institutions.

He has extensive experience of lecturing and teaching at undergraduate and Master degree programs in business administration syllabuses at universities. His academic relevant expertise and skills are: Structural Equation Modeling (Smart PLS, LISREL, AMOS) – Data analysis, (SPSS) – Bibliographic database (EndNote and Mendeley)- Excel